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sharpen tutorial

CapCut tutorial

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- I don’t know

bikin gambar bagus yuk


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#shepropchallenge Day 17: Working with a new material! Making Lauras foot claws was the first time I worked with Worbla. I chose it because I needed something thin and lightweight that could be molded but also be rigid in the end. I first built the claws by themselves (solid worbla, primed with tacky glue, painted silver) and then shaped a worbla channel to go inside the top of the boot cover, which I had already made with an open toe and extra flap on the inside to house the worbla channel. I melted the channel to the vinyl, with the intent to give it some structure, added an extra ring so the claw would stop at a point, and slid the claw in from behind. Then stuffed it with batting so it would - theoretically - hold its shape, and glued the cover to the shoe with cement. The claws slide out of the channel only if I pull them out intentionally, by hand. Originally I wanted a gravity driven one where it would slide out when I kicked, but ... it also slid out when I walked, and that was not sustainable. Ive gotten a lot of wear out of these. The cover came off the glue during the first con (c2e2 2018), the shoes theyre built on gave out last year, and the claws themselves broke at the tip during c2 this year. So its definitely not adamantium, lol. But Im proud of this trick, and not even mad that it really only lasted 2 years. Thats 2 years!! For a first try! So I am definitely looking forward to improving this somehow; we shall see what the future will bring! #30daysofcosplay #cosplaychallenge #x23 #x23cosplay #laurakinney #laurakinneycosplay #allnewwolverine #allnewwolverinecosplay #worbla #madewithworbla #thermoplastic #footclaw - @jenwatsonart on Instagram

lirik estetik

snapchat streaks idea

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- [HUMOR] I like a little danger.

frog having an existential crisis

sad song

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- Dont hate me for this

green screen phone template😆😆aesthetic handphone green screen template

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- The aesthetic on this seat looks like scratches

tutorial grape tea🍇

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we bout to rob that sweet ass que sistas we gonna rob it steal some shit

- Uhhh

ماش ! 😃

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- [Homemade] Herbed calzone with pancetta, mozzarella and creminis.

tutorial sharpen

Shadow pic aesthetic


- Homemade meatball parm

tutorial download vidio di pinterest

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- me_irl

Want this ?


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- DIY Newborn Props


tutorial grape tea🍇

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- So Im toasted at my friends house looking for some munchies and like,

𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐈 𝐒𝐮𝐛𝐬 𝐌𝐲 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐛𝐞? 𝐌𝐲 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐛𝐞:🧋•𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐒𝐥𝐢𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐝•🍓

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- More Swedish darning, as requested. This time with a (poorly lit) pic of what it looks like after going through the industrial washer.



empty pockets horty hortensia

- No homo bro but Felix looking extra thicc

kecepetan ngga??

I need your love😍

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- My lunch: Noodles, nuggets, hot sauce and cheese. Delicious.

#tutorial #sharpen #alightmotion

𝙲𝚊𝚙𝚌𝚞𝚝 𝚃𝚞𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚕-!!💌𝙿𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝙵𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝚖𝚎 🥺

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- DIY t shirt


tutorial download vidio di pinterest

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- Abomination Sempermort


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@theurbanhippieswe in the Martin SLM duffle coat in bright mustard! Wear it over as a stand-alone jacket or as an additional layer. Shot by @maxnordanaker Head to the link in bio to shop. #londontradition - @londontradition on Instagram

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tutorial sharpen

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- [simplicity 8578] WIP robe a la francaise

tutor jedag jedug simple

parties and what not

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- Got my new uniforms for work. Finally back to a medium comfortably thanks to IF 23:1/OMAD. 26 (almost 27). 6’1”. SW 254.1 lbs CW 179.4 lbs GW 175-165 lbs.

tutor upload vidio di pinterest


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- We HAVE the meats

Tutor buat id card viral


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- Aww how thoughtful

tutor suara goggle-!!!

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- small purses


Overbuilt Customs’s Instagram profile post: “Orange ya glad it’s almost the weekend. But seriously though _____________________ #cj #jeepcj #jeep #4x4 #tictac #bigtires #biggie…”

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- 1: Make Oatmeal 2: Add Brick of Brown Sugar

The quiet kid after restoring humanity:

riz vadivel gaali

- The way the top of my mask lines up

@ artist in comments 💜

rent steal stealing taking all my money pay check

- I use cheap watercolour pencils to mark my fabric, I highly recommend it :)

second stimulus stimulus stimulus2 pandemic unemployment

- I’m alone again. Time for my favorite meal

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- Beef flavored noodles and a toast.

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- When Tide Pods dont dissolve completely.

broke please

- chili sandwich on white toast

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Is it just me or are we all itching to get back at it? Patience is a virtue... so is good aim. 😎 @enhancedmovie armour #quarantine #mood - @jason.of.earth on Instagram

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- F/25/5’3” [222.2lbs192.0lbs=30.2lbs] this is the same dress for a wedding I’m going to be in in November. I can zip it up now and I love the way it looks on me! :)

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- Homemade Wedge

monopoly money

- Lol rip

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- Here is some spam for those sorting by new

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- D.I.Y.

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- This belt was in perfect condition until the thrift store punctured a hole through it for the price tag. Didnt even phase me until after I brought it home.

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- They say its good on pizza...it just makes sense...right? (They are shitty cuz I nuked them😈)

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- [WDYWT] Basics

squidward spare change spare some change begging poor

- Lay’s are the 1 ply chips

broke poor wallet empty

- My threads kept getting tangled up, and the machine would stop, pulling the fabric in. I set it to high instead of low and now its doing this instead. I have a Kenmore 385

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- My wife just Ubereats all this food then passed out drunk and won’t wake up.

felix the cat im so broke i got empty pockets no money i need cash

- Corsets and period apparel

dave chappelle poor broke

- My sandwich bread was really popular last time, so here it is sliced and bagged up for next weeks lunches.

no cash price priceless out of money sry

- Fish taco on a Low carb wrap!

drama queen wallet baby empty no

- [NO PATTERN] Not the biggest or fanciest project, but Im so proud to announce that in 3 hours of work I was able to create this petticoat to put under my WW1 nurse dress. The ruffles are 6m of fabric ruffled to fit the 3m bottom border of the skirt... all that without making any mistake... yeay

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- My fragile heart

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- This bowling alleys black lights

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- Outfits (Rimworld Comics)

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- Girlfriend made me a custom Harris Tweed chalkbag :D

no money money life wallet broke

- hi. what’s the name of this weave? i’m searching ‘waffle’ but not getting the desired result. & if someone can ID this fabric that would be amazing

usagy usagyuuun no money wallet coin purse

- The mini heart attack you get when you cant feel these in your pocket starter pack

no money donald duck sad

Demain, lundi 11 mai 2020, ouverture exceptionnelle de 10h à 12h30 et de 14h à 19h ! Reprise des horaires habituels dès mardi. Prenez soin de vous et de tous ceux qui vous entourent !!! - @grenierphoto_brest on Instagram

second stimulus stimulus stimulus2 pandemic unemployment

- Man, I cant wait to get these hot sluts home to make them moist and steamy.


- This official Leatherman case. If the bottom of the Leatherman is pushed too far to the side it can fall out of the case.

- Iphone red wallpaper

- Call an ambulance so cute 3

- My buddys birthday cheesecake

- I am degenerate scum my only cure is flushed away 2

- Question for seamstresses Would the bodice on this be able to be removed and a new one attached?

- Ah, yes. R A M P

- Dark Mode [OC]

- It all stinks to me

- Home made(/jerry-rigged) garlic bread

- Uhmm


- Least i get to hide my face.

- I cut my sponges in half to have the package last longer. So I get twice the amount but the same scrubbing strength as I do in a whole one.

- The guy stood in front of me in the shop has got plans for this evening 👍🏻😂 , wonder what’s on the list

- The Assassin

- As a cyclist, I hate roads that do this so goddamn much.

- BaGS

Today, I sit in the still silence of my home, while my little ones are sleeping, my wife is away on a much deserved “Mom’s Weekend” at her friends amazing getaway home, my oldest apparently having a girls weekend too (haven’t seen her since Thursday either lol) and I am so grateful for all that I have... For all that my wife and I have created... For all that my girls stand for, believe in, and represent. My little ones missed their mommy and knew that I would too! They stepped up on their own and made me my work lunch (with adorable notes like their Mommy does...too cute!), heated my dinners up (thanks to my mother in law for coming over Friday while worked and made some stir fry, did the dishes, cooked muffins), they took care of feeding our Ivy Bean and cleaned her ears, and even cut the grass for me! I’m beyond blessed and it warms my heart to see them learning so much from their Mommy and Daddy...and practicing it when they have the chance. Love, empathy, hard-work, accountability, controlling what we can control, leaving all doubt and worry to Him, and treating others how you want to be treated is what I am embracing and experiencing today! #love #empathy #blessed #grateful #prouddad #reflections #mindfulness #leadbyexample #lovemygirls - @jimrhubartroofing on Instagram

- Bought a Bernina serger for $15 from Goodwill. Power cord finally arrived today, and it worked! I almost cried with joy.

- Proud to present to you my crepe progression

- spotted on snapchat: bowl of hollandaise sauce and a fuckload of bread?

- Woah

- Got to the bottom of a bag jalapeno kettle chips at work and wanted to keep my fingers clean.

- dont know if it fits, but i started my second project (hand-sewn simplicity 8814 apron)

So I got my carrier and plates today. The weight is totally not even noticeable when you are wearing it. (For me anyway) but I really feel like I need triple curve 11 x 14 plates and not these single curve 10 x 12 plates for my size. But these were a great price and they were in stock for NIJ rated level IV armor. These will do for now. But the quality of the carrier is outstanding. Yes I know I need to tuck that flap in the front... thanks @shellbacktactical . . #shellbacktactical #armor #tactical #guns #fatguyinlittlearmor - @the_liftertarian on Instagram

- Finally sewed something correctly! Hinterland Dress pattern from Sew Liberated. More info in comments

- Old little ceasers pizza cut up because my front tooth is chipped so i cant bite

- Chimichangas, fresh cilantro salsa, tapatio, and a healthy squirt of squeezable sour cream. we eatin good today

- Princess dress patterns

- Coworker misread the calendar, thought my birthday was 5/21, but its actually 6/21. He bought me a new knife carrier and honing steel. Love this industry. Keep fighting the good fight, yall.

- The chairs on the computer lab floors of my university’s library are patterned in binary

- When your backpack does this to your shirt :-(

- Hilarious

- FOH tried to make coleslaw again

- The Height of Comedy

- Cause I cant afford to order a pizza.

- If you haven’t cut yourself yet, did you really get a new knife?

- Yep

- My lyft had inflatable seat belts in the back seat

- What happens if we use 100% of the brain

- Spray painted cloth seats in the back of an Altima at work.

- Made a petticoat to go under my robe, turning me into housewife material!

- Guess I should start paying more for my T-shirts

- Canned Meat

- My 1980s machine came with a tiny hoop that was intended for darning and Im finally using it!

- First time shorting pants without prior knowledge. Im really proud.

got new one 20fw 迷いに迷って、 フライトサテンに! けど、まだ。 諦めてはいない🐆 Shoulder Vest - Flight Satin #EngineeredGarments #ネハレム #ネハレム岐阜 - @beanan08 on Instagram

Introducing the Scout Wallet! New to the Saddle Ridge lineup, this wallet easily carries 8-10 cards and cash. . 4 dedicated card slots/2 hidden pockets Made with full grain harness leather and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Small batch item coming soon. - @saddleridgeleather on Instagram

- Just found my EXACT wallet (that I love) for $2 at the op-shop! So now I have a wallet without a big obvious stain! I got the original from the op-shop for $6 too! I’m the one who stained it though haha.

- Chicken Parmesan, college style

- Gay Jeans

- This girl was posted in another subreddit for falsely calling police on her neighbor. They put both these pictures in the article.

- On google earth there is a split moment that shows the driver littering. Google tried to censor it but it just raised more attention.

- I call this the Walking into the gas station and getting the two cheapest things in the freezer section

- Shooting up at Target, then leaving it for employees to throw away is super cool. :,)

- The fact that only half the bread has anything on it

- The UK equivalent of ‘open carry.’

- I was dumb and probably should have greased this. How do I get rid of the rust?

From my William Oliver menswear line. I make music, clothes, and ride vintage motorcycles. - @janusjeffrey on Instagram

- DIY Stuff

- Blankets.

- I hem a lot of bridesmaids dresses so I always pick up odd colours of thread when I see them on sale. This match made me very happy.

- My day cant get any worse

- me🧓irl

- Ok seriously, what the heck.

- hmmm

- Found this behind the zipper of a new pair of pants

- Why not just type Air Jordan and not JOARIDRAN

- EDC Gear (Everyday Carry Gadgets)

- My pregnant baby sister was in the mood for pulled chicken mixed with mayo (some sort of chicken salad I guess) and kraft single American cheese. All cold.

- Made Lemon Shortbread bars for Mothers day. Not perfect but I am still learning

C O M F Y Early 07 Second Gen Crye CAGE Chassis Khaki (LG/LG) Crye CPC MC (MD/MD) #cryeprecision #CAG #SFG #NSW #SF - @thic_thighs_love_crye on Instagram

⚓️ * Denim Utility Trousers - Modified (mfsc 7161md) * Specs: Featuring two distinct sugarcane fibers selvedge denims (301 Okinawa & 401 Hawaii) & A-2 horsehide pocket. * 🇺🇸 * Collection: Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane Co FW 2008 “Naval Clothing Tailor - The Salty Years.” ⚓️ Chronological archival purpose only, not for sale. #MisterFreedom #MisterFreedomArchives #SugarCaneDenim #mfsc #HeritageFashion #VintageStyle - @misterfreedom on Instagram

- Candy wrapper purse

- Theres Comic Sans on this knife

- Elegant Formal Dresses

- Black bags

- Airport flex

Ive actually felt good enough to actually take a picture of myself. Still hanging in there. - @kaisuke23 on Instagram

- Work mate’s lunch

Be careful who you let borrow your knife. ⠀ ⠀ Photo credit and caption via Reddit u/ScottieShelby - @blade_show on Instagram

- An ancient technique finally becoming illegal in more countries

- Made a shoe bag to carry my nice shoes to work in wet/snowy weather

- When you just wanted one.

- BJJ/Alliance BJJ World

- The Pigeons [OC]

- This microwave taquito is empty

- Profits [OC]

- I weigh the same in both of these photos

- Over This Fear & Anxiety Shit. Thanks! 🙏🏻 - Barely Functional Adult

- Apple exchanged my watch got a brand new one, but the Milanese loop seems to be off somehow? It’s really stiff and doesn’t aline with the strap as seen on the pic. Has anybody else experienced this? It’s really annoying especially the fact that it’s really stiff

- Microwaved frozen pizza, only food during my 10 hour shift.

- [NKD] After all the positive comments on my last post here, Id like to share my new upgrade with you all. The trusty Opinel No.6 has now been replaced with a Victorinox evowood 10!

- Bolso

- Night 7: Ramen in a bag of hot water

- Mexican carbs on carbs

- My cloth napkins and cloth towel set up

- ᴬʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵖʳᵒᵘᵈˀ

- My Mom thought the recipe said rock....

Romantic haunted walking tour post birthday dinner stroll through downtown Portland. Incredible amount of houseless tents lining the sidewalks. A sobering reminder that we continue to be incredibly privileged even with, and especially, during COVID and unemployment. - @trentfinlay on Instagram

- CNYs with black laces instead

- me_irl

- I found a sticker over the tag on my hat

- Halloween costumes

EDC fanny pack. Ive been carrying the @vanquestgear dendrite lately as a cross body sling. This has definitely been the most comfortable way for me to carry a full IFAK from @urban_medicalgear everywhere I go. . . #everydaycarry #edc #slingbag #fannypack #ifak #glock43 #txcholsters #civiviknives #streamlight #vanquestgear #urbanmedicalgear #edcdump #gear #geardump #loadout #waistpack #multicamblack #edctools #edcessentials - @nwprepped on Instagram

- Why my dong expend?!

Range day tomorrow. Advance pistol clinic and rifle 1 by @beelitetactical @goaimhi - @tacticalchef on Instagram

- Best option Ive found for keeping shirts tucked: non-slip rubber grips on the inside of pants

Just finished my first pair of production pants! Made with a water/wind proof and breathable 4 layer Gore-Tex. All the major seams are sealed for maximum waterproofing and includes an elastic waistband for comfort. #DIYTechwear #Pants #DIY #Sewing #Techwear #Waterproof #GoreTex #Rockywoods #SanFrancisco #FinishedProject - @northmccormick on Instagram

Emergencies happen in the blink of an eye, the EDC Pocket Trauma Kit gives you instant access to life saving gear with a single pull tab. #livethecreed #edc #EveryDayCarry #pocketdump - @ltcreed on Instagram

- Floorsagna

- Hi guys, the bottom thread on my singer 99k has been doing this, any idea what’s gone wrong and how to get it working again?

- The dust on the Lego Dimensions portal’s baseplate.

- This is how my work-from-home day is going.

- Please help! Urgent! (New at sewing) thread is skipping? More details in comments.

- Leftover jalapeno bites garnished with stuck napkin

1940s natural calf leather. Swipe to see original production tag and marketing material. - @ashlandleather on Instagram

- Headed to work. T-Mobile drip ft MacSevens 380 Mist ft Vickys 350 NRFs that my puppy just chewed up the laces on ft the puppy 😤

- Its literally impossible to open it properly

- Vegan Pizza

- Its the only thing keeping me from cracking

- Coming home to you!

- America fck yeah!

- Just let me zip up my pants in peace please

- My Sous Chef asks me if I need a sharpie, I turn around to this.

- Just finished my first 48 hour fast and... IM FINALLY OVERWEIGHT!!! (No longer obese) 9 Weeks of Keto and 18:6... 48lbs down!

- Packs & Pouches

Angst haben ist ok! Manchmal, wenn man sagt wovor man Angst hat scheint es für andere irgendwie lächerlich oder banal oder nicht wirklich von Relevanz aber lass dich nicht unter kriegen, steht einfach zu deinen Sorgen und Ängsten denn sie haben eine Berechtigung zu existieren. Bleib stark und dir treu 🖤 • • • #sprüche #zitate #gedanken #soulfood #poetrylovers #pictureoftheday #fotografie #leben #eyes #curvywoman #curvy #inked #inkedgirl #tattoogirl #girlswithtattoos #tattoolife #nobodyshaming #plussize #plussizebloggers #tatted #nobodysperfect #blogger #shooting #pictureoftheday #picoftheday #loveyourself #tattoo #beautyhasnosize #kurvenmädchen - @francar_235 on Instagram

- Jeans buttons

New Swiss Denim Collection ~ Upcycled & Unisex ~ Use code SWISSDENIM when purchasing both the Swiss Denim Jacket + Swiss Denim Trouser for a special price of €220 🤍 #handmade #cologne #düsseldorf #amsterdam #unicate #instafashion #artistsoninstagram #unisex #unisexfashion #kölnliebe #daswerkhaus #daswerkfashion #unisexfashion #handmadefashion #zerowaste #zerowastefashion #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #conciusshopping - @daswerkhaus on Instagram

- Office - Mild Annoyance

- When a couple argues in front of you

Day 1 lunch. #militarydiet #3daydiet #results #weightloss - @militarydietresults on Instagram

- Amen

- I didnt think it was possible to mess up texas toast, but this restaurant figured it out.

- There is no way to tell what is inside this Hot Pocket without cooking it because I threw the box away a long time ago.

- My flip flops have a bottle opener on the bottom

- My coworker brought ingredients for raw meat sandwiches

- Leather Passport Holder

- 28/Male/Late Night Walk

- Through you might enjoy the inside pockets and details on my final assignment 4 years ago.

- woman vs clothing tags

- donate blood

- Just made myself a vegan leather thimble. This is the first thimble that actually fits my finger. That you Bernadette Banner! Super easy and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

- F/32/5’5 [225 148 = 77lbs] such a huge difference but also apparently I shrunk. I swear I was 5’6 my whole adult life and I rechecked and I am clearly 5’5 what the?!?!

- Quick Flex at Old Navy.

- Pot pie with TWO crusts.

- curling iron case

- Bag Tutorials

- Hey look at my pocket!

- My everyday state :) [OC]

- Loving my band collection 😍😍😍😍😍

- Meal prep has really made a difference for me as a truck driver. I actually look forward to eating now.

- Made this backpack from my old jeans :) any thoughts (tutorial link is in the comments)

- How NOT to Aeropress at the office...

- Mask Wearer - Barely Functional Adult [OC]

- Hand or machine sew this belt loop to the back center, which is better? (I am a novice at sewing)

- Making a 1940s gingham dress for brighter, sunnier days that will hopefully take places outside! I find it so satisfying how a flat pattern lays out on freshly ironed fabric all symmetrical and nicely pinned into place

- Meanwhile, on the Facebook Polandball pages...

- Weirdest hand brake I have ever seen.

- On me way to work...

- Tag that Lucky Jeans sews into the flap of its jeans, clearly for that “lucky person” who may be unzipping your jeans.

- Sailor Moon Purse [Kaitlyn bag on etsy]

- Daily tips for a Better Life

- Really pleased with the closures on this skirt!

- Belt Bag

- Kitchen is out of use for a month. Tonights dinner is microwave pasta in a solo cup.

- Orion

- It’s not delivery it’s...

- This carpet at my school...

I’m the architect of my own reality. . . . . #photography #photooftheday #photographer #instagood #instagram #ny_shooters #toneception @toneception #faded_world #photoshoot #uk_shooters #naturephotography #stayathome #nycityworld #travelphotography #memorial @streetmobs #streetmobs #landscape #nyc #newyorkcity #coronavirus #newyork @sonyalpha #TonesOfNYC #STREETGRAMMERS #STREETGRAMMERS10k #BeAlpha #SonyAlpha - @franzmartin_ on Instagram

- Down 80 pounds as of this morning! I have more to go, but I’m so proud of myself.

- A students cheese board

- My wife broke her ankle the other day. The attending orthopedic nurse stood like this talking to her.

- Corset /Waist cincher

- A perfect butt print on this chair

- amazing tips

- It do be like that

- Gadgets


- Anyone know why my hem keeps twisting when I try to sew it down? It starts out fine but after a while the fabric starts twisting and bunching... Have tried starting over for 4 times, but it keeps happening.

Ibland läser jag i tidningarna att nån person uttalar sig om att det är polisens fel att samhället ser ut som det gör. Att det är polisens fel att ungdomar börjar sälja knark. Att det är polisens fel att 17-åringar skjuter huvudet av andra 17-åringar. Att det är polisens fel att ungdomarna inte har något förtroende för rättsväsendet. Att i de utsatta områdena är polisen den stora fienden. Med risk för all låta som Hans Rosling (googla) men det där stämmer såklart inte. Faktum är att det är tvärtom. De allra flesta ungdomarna i våra ”utsatta områderna” har förtroende för polisen. Och de allra flesta, nästan alla, ungdomar är inte grovt kriminella. Det finns tusentals ungdomar i de så kallade utsatta områderna, som har haft ”tuff uppväxt” som INTE börjar sälja knark eller skjuter andra ungdomar med automatvapen. Det här är ju ett rätt stort bevis på att ”tuff uppväxt” inte automatiskt betyder att man blir grov kriminell. Någonstans finns det ett val, ett individens val. Få barn och ungdomar erbjuds så mycket stöd och hjälp av samhället som de i de ”utsatta områderna”. Om vi ska fortsätta på ämnet och fortsätta hålla oss till fakta så har svensk polis i år det högsta förtroendet som uppmätts på 20 år. 73% har förtroende för polisen. 73% - det är väldigt högt om man jämför med andra myndigheter eller organisationer. (Ni som inte har läst Hans Roslings bok Factfulness - gör det. Handlar mycket om att vi mer måste se till fakta istället för vad vissa ”tror” eller ”tycker”. Även fast sanningen inte ”passar in” i agendan.) - @themartinmelin on Instagram

- Pants with shallow pockets

- When your jacket does this

- S/W 301 C/W 221. 6 months down, still a long way to go.

- Write, Light, Slice

- Women dont need pockets because they have purses

- Handmade shinobi headband with sheet metal. I thought the cosplay one were super flimsy and wanted to make something that might hold up in battle. Its not the prettiest. But I think its a good 1st attempt. Sheet aluminum, rivets, and navy blue canvas. Used a dremel tool for the konoha symbol.

- I and my co-workers were on our way to a dinner meeting with our clients. As enter the car, I heard a ripping sound. With that I said goodbye to both my pants and my dignity

- Leather Wallet

- How to shorten this pattern please?

- Cherry quick bread

- Made hamburger buns the other day, liked the recipe so much I made a hamburger bun loaf

- Obligatory

- #7

- [No Pattern] I made a electronics carrying case to procrastinate on doing my homework- it’s not perfect but was fun figuring out how to make it!

- Y o u r T h i n g

- Every time I try and open my backpack....

- When its rainy season but porma was more important

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- This 5 star binder only has 4 stars.

- [OC] Pulled Over

- Oof ouch my mini heart attack

- This zipper is closed but the slider is centered.

- Zipper got stuck

- Hospital food in Indiana.

- Crispy rosemary focaccia

- Change [OC]

- Love me a good catch stitch hem.

- Going to get tested for covid carry

- @rosiebrownjordan on Instagram

- Ya know 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Chinese leftovers with hot dogs and ketchup

- This city is sick

- Is it just me or..?

Express your style they said, what way have I not worn a kilt yet. Well seam to the back seems dramatic enough. #indigenous #navajoweavers #wovenclothes #navajo #gaynavajo #gayartist #diamondtwill - @zefren_m on Instagram

- This!

- The Nike bands I ordered the day of the Apple even finally came in. Worth the wait!

- Is shaving the cat wrong?

- Denim background

- I was given an old firehose. Wanted to make some things out of it.

- Making my first pair of shorts and I made two left legs. It was too funny not to share

- Are you trying to make flying even more miserable?

- [pro tip] Vacuum sealing your Gore Tex rain liner makes it way more manageable.

- I waited almost 2 months for summer clothes I ordered from Old Navy to get here! Thanks Old Navy, thanks.....

- I buy old Merino wool sweaters from thrift to use as undershirts/base layers. Wool is anti microbial, anti odor and naturally a good insulator(even wet). Shrunken sweaters are actually better because they’re warmer(better insulating). Turn it inside out, hang it in the sun and it cleans itself.

if you keep feeling a point that has been sharpened, the point cannot long preserve its sharpness.. yani; çalışan demir ışıldasa da asıl olay bakımlı demirde.. 😁 . . . #knife #bıçak #knifeporn #bıçaksanatı #edc #everydaycarry #outdoor #doğa #bushcraft #bushcraftTurkiye #city #trekking #knifesheath #derikılıf #beltknife #knifemaker #blacksmith #elyapımı #handmade #staywild #antalya #toros - @omer.efe on Instagram

- 20-sided dice bag for a Secret Santa-Tutorial link in comments

- Middle class poverty pizza

- Latest gift to a friend a fanny bag made in yellow mustard linen and Japanese lining !

- Where theres a will, theres a way.

- This is a relatable one

- This the hem of the rockabilly dress Im making. I love sewing by hand.

- Absolutely zero color coordination today. I also found out Wendy’s Frosties are no longer 50¢. Not a great day, but I got to use my spork. So it’s fine.

- New Wallet Day: Dango M1 blackout bifold in DTex.

- FO I made a skirt for my Halloween costume and I think I may just stop wearing pants forever.

- Ive had these shorts for at least a year and I just found this pocket. My dumbass had to check if there was any more pockets my shorts werent telling me about.

- My leggings with fake pockets

- Anyone else do this to themselves when they try and sew sleeves 🙈 currently making McCalls M7974 ... Slowly...

- Carrying a gun tips!!

- Arming truck

- A friend of mine challenged me to create a stylish sling bag loaded with usable pockets. I am stoked with the results.

- Always wanted to carry a leatherman horizontally, so made a very rough kydex sheath for EDC

- When camping, the fanny pack is essential.

- The cell phone pocket in my jacket is from a different era

- Thumbs Up for Creating Practical Pockets!