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Beautiful blue eyed Chihuahua puppies #tinypawsllc #puppies

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Last night I assisted three fellow activists in the rescuing of three piglets in Melbourne. They were bought for a Melbourne Cup party and made to race and were then destined to end up on somebodies plate. We suspect that they have severe sunburn or mange due to the condition of their skin. And they all currently have ear infections and worms which can now be treated. I am very happy that these boys and girl get to live out the rest of their lives free from harm and never end up as anybodies meal 😊 - @vegansofaustralia on Instagram

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Quando eu era pequeninho até eu era bonito. - @luloscarton on Instagram

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I was able to leave. I left her, and hundreds like her, behind. They’re always in my thoughts. Is she still in the same horror story? Her piglets would be dead by now of course. Maybe she’s dead now too 💔 No one really hates animals do they? Is it just that they’re oblivious to what’s happening; because they don’t have to witness it themselves directly? This is not some faraway country, this is Ontario, Canada. The police raided my home and tried to have me jailed. They’re trying again with many of us who are exposing the truth of animal Ag in British Columbia, in Quebec too. Follow #PigTrial4 for future court dates in Quebec. #Govegan #stopeatinganimals #watchdominion #baconlovers #porklovers #bacon #baconeggandcheese #baconwrapped #goveganfortheanimals💚🐷🐮🐣🐖🐗🐰🐔🐟🐬🐋🐵🐐🐏💚 #challenge22 #lockdown #pandemic #zoonotic #covid_19 - @jennyveganmcqueen on Instagram

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- Piggie Smalls! Thought you guys would like to see the little guy I met at Indy Vegfest yesterday from Kanda Farm Sanctuary. She likes pets, rutting in her litterbox, and a good nap!

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Anita Jeram – Molly (The Pig Harness) £186 Original artwork by children’s book illustrator Anita Jeram, from the book ‘Animal Friends’ by Dick King-Smith (1996). Shop here #AnitaJeram #illustrator #illustration #originalartwork #collectorpiece #dickkingsmith #animalfriends #pig #childrensbookillustration #art - @childrensbookillustration on Instagram

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