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Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stones from Namibia - 6 stones (1 free) / Medium

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- The Solar System Map

Peridot and Lapis icon

thank you kate kate foster workin moms 611


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termasuk salah satu produksi TVC terDrama 😅 Tapi somehow outputnya terGemaaaas 😘 Thanks untuk kehaluan tanpa batas kolaborasi @danz_danilah & @shadtotoprasetio Kecantikan dari tangan master @dhirmanputra Geng begadang penuh kesabaran @kaniacandrika @stephanie.lie Geng sabar banget nunggu giliran photoshoot malem @cocobi @fachrizalhelmi Geng rusuh produksi @bendolt @arychandra.p @harisaputrahamim @andisyahab @uwooook dan geng ngedit maksimal sampe sakit2an @tison_baim @babar.anggoro - @asriandhardini on Instagram

𝕊.𝕌 𝕚𝕔𝕠𝕟 𝕓𝕪 𝕀𝕤𝕒

i appreciate that kate kate foster workin moms 611

- Chimerical Colours (Creds to Wikipedia)

Amethyst Cluster Heart


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@aaron_solis15 Crack xde - @david_acb_3 on Instagram


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Painting a Crystal!! . . . . #stepbystepdrawing #digitalarttutorial #drawingtutorial #procreatetutorial #patreoncreator - @muzenik_ on Instagram

🎟;; 𝘴𝘶 𝘪𝘤𝘰. @ꪶ

Add Wanderlust Gemstones To Your Ring - Add 2 MM Round Aquamarine Gemstone / Courage / Protection / Calming Effect + $105

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At the premiere of @birdsofprey in London 🇬🇧💖 - @danikoco on Instagram


what paul sort of answering a call taking a call

- Fun Theory


nodding arlene dickinson dragons den i agree i understand

- Virginia Tech Hokies

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- OEM Original Genuine Apple iPhone 5 5S 6 6S EarPods Earphones W/Remote & Mic


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Bentedos! - @pereziion27 on Instagram

Titanium Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster - 35-40g

why paul sort of how come why is that

- A Magic System based on the approaches to different kinds of good and evil (Lore in Comments)

blue pearl

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隻腳仔又郁得幾棧鬼 #rakugakiar #rakugaki #rakugakiart #wusoul #illustration #illustrator #插画 #插畫 #插画师 - @wu_soul on Instagram

Blue Chalcedony Mini Palm for Stress & Anxiety Relief

Ocean Flower Agate

lets dance mannix run the burbs run the burbs s1e1 join me for a dance

😁😁😁😁cute mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @jasminbhasin2806 @bharti.laughterqueen @krushna30 #funhitmeinjaari #subtv - @gurnoor_kaur_84 on Instagram


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نكاتي در مورد فلاشهاي اسپيد لايت از زبان مجيد نصيري @majidnasiri_official - @modelingcenter on Instagram


Shy Pearl | Steven Universe

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- 80s

Baby Dinosaur Crystal Carving, Hand Carved Natural Gemstone | Amethyst Aventurine Obsidian Indian Agate Healing Crystals for Meditation - Aventurine

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Filme que dirigi para o @mercadolivre, do projeto Redes Para o Futuro está no ar. Feliz com o resultado, pela experiência e por ter tido comigo uma galera tão competente trabalhando junto e fazendo acontecer. @joaotatuu @irvinmoura @luizhenrique.mov / assistam completo no YouTube do Mercado Livre Brasil ou no meu Vimeo, link na bio. ✨ - @jose4dilson on Instagram


wont she be mad tala topline 106 wont she be angry

- White Bear looks so much like The Purge

Pin by: ☆little star☆

Blue Chalcedony Mini Palm for Stress & Anxiety Relief

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- Free editing apps

Rhodochrosite hearts - 102 g

Baby Dinosaur Crystal Carving, Hand Carved Natural Gemstone | Amethyst Aventurine Obsidian Indian Agate Healing Crystals for Meditation - Aventurine

it is overwhelming johnny family feud canada this is too much its a bit overpowering

- As you wish!!!

𝕊.𝕌 𝕚𝕔𝕠𝕟 𝕓𝕪 𝕀𝕤𝕒

Large Blue Celestite Geode

oh really kyla kennaley the great canadian baking show are you sure i dont think so

- Just got my “Rise of the Synths” album on Vinyl - Loving the cover and the tunes

pipe down pipe down guy fakes 105 shh

- Anna Popplewell

Colorful Fluorite Heart - SMALL

what is your decision wes hall kingofbayst dragons den what is your answer

Pandemic seperti ini jangan berhenti untuk berkreasi.... Thx to @ardianpramono untuk hasil editing yang luar biasa keren ini #design #designgrafico #editingphotos - @martinantony99 on Instagram

Blue Green Purple Mexico Fluorite Crystal Hearts - LARGE

˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚

did i do something wrong tala topline 105 did i upset you

- art - oil painting Bob Ross

Raw Amethyst Crystal Points

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#taylorswift added footage of me doing some weird Spider-Man photography during her new documentary #missamericana 🤣 I’m grateful to have been part of so many great moments. 🙏 - @polkimaging on Instagram

im not angry about anything anne workin moms 606 i am not upset

++ OGGI SOLSTIZIO DESTATE, MA LESTATE ZOPPICHERÀ ANCORA....++ Scatterà oggi alle 23:43 lestate astronomica (sarà la giornata più lunga con circa 15 ore di luce) ma dal punto di vista meteorologico lestate tarderà ancora un pò ad arrivare: stamattina ci sono stati brevi rovesci di pioggia seguiti da un rapido miglioramento con rinforzo di deboli venti di tramontana che tenderanno ad intensificarsi dalla serata di oggi fino a diventare forti nella giornata di domani con possibili raffiche fino a 50-60 km/h con mari molto mossi. Le temperature tenderanno a calare assestandosi sui 24/25°C. I forti venti persisteranno fino alla giornata di martedì tendendo a calare in maniera costante. Nella seconda parte della settimana assisteremo a un aumento termico con temperature estive. Monopoli Meteo - @monopolimeteo on Instagram

shakes head vincenzo guzzo mrsunshine dragons den nope

- @fiffanyluu on Instagram

come back and get your nourishments 7ven sort of return here and get your nourishments go back here for your nourishments

- Awesome Apps

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- Most searched K-Pop Idols based on worldwide Google searches in 2019 according to Nielsen US

thank you nina workin moms 608 thank you so much

#Repost @tobia_montanari • • • • • • Bologna, Italy Using complementary colors to create color contrast and help the subject stand out more 🔴🟢 Making secondary corrections in DaVinci is always fun (and easy) 🥳 • Wanna work with me? Write me up a DM for a free no obligation quote ✉️ • #davinciresolve #colorgrading #colorcorrection #colorist #blackmagicdesign #coloristsociety #ica #postproduction #cinematic #colorgrade #movie #cinematography #digitalcolorist #filmmaking #filmmaker #model #casadepapel #moneyheist #lavitadiunmontatorevideo - @lavitadiunmontatorevideo on Instagram

nodding wes hall kingofbayst dragons den i agree

-- what song are they playing? - @animamun.di on Instagram

youre wasting my time rapper look a like brightaz next stop brightaz this is a waste of time

- @carvedrockleather on Instagram

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@ratsonrafts - clip alert! Vandaag de live uitzending van de langverwachte Tokyo Music Experience! Zap naar de link in bio om de bloedstollende doch prachtige strijd te volgen live vanuit Japan. Alle cast en crew bedankt voor jullie tomeloze inzet 💕 #ratsonrafts #tokyo2020 #olympics2020 #gymnastics #rotterdam #sports - @asmallproductioncompany on Instagram

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- [OC] Probabilities of getting a response from a particular person in university group dialog

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is that a challenge kate kate foster workin moms 611

- Alejandra Costello

i want space raffo sort of i need space give me space

- Photo studio/ equipment

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Using drone technology to stream real time information to the #mobilecommandpost #policedrone #drone #uas #uav #swat #publicsafety - @modestopolicefireuas on Instagram

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im not sure about this one gerry dee im having second thoughts im skeptical i dont know about this

- Choosing jewelry

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- Indochina Travel Video

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- Windows 3.1

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- Buzz léclair le film

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- Will smith meme

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- Color Chart

im coming miranda family feud canada on my way heading there now

Retocando a Picante en el ring de Gotmilk en @cancanclub 🥫 . . . . . . #stopmotion #claymation #makingof #stopmotionset #stopmotionpuppet - @dadeisna on Instagram

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- Adobe premiere pro tutorials

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👈Follow malam gais malming di rumah haja owk [TAP2X]✔REPOST SILAHKAN TAPI TAQ NYA JANGAN LUPA😂 [SUPPORT TO 1K] FOLLOW👤 LIKE💙 KOMEN📝 &SHERE🔁 🏠 Buntok (KALTENG) 🎧RECOMENT 🔖Jomlo,14thun,cwo ●●●●●●●●●●●●●Follow me●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● @kap_ambyar ●●●●●●●●●●●●Follow patner●●●●●●●●●●●● @_hearvy_007 ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●Hestaq●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● #alinea #alightmotionpresets #alinfauziah #clnaktor #quetersindonesia #quetesremaja #quetes30detik #lyrikmarkerpemula #fff #followforfollowback #storywakekinian #storywa #storywhatsapp #storywhatsappterupdate #story30detik #storybarbar #bajingan_quotes #lyrikmarker #bajingansantuy😎2 #bajingansamapah #dj30detik #haha #srorygila #bacot #yahawashi #inshot #barbershop #fuckthepolice #darijendelasmplovers - @kap_ambyar on Instagram

okay manjit minhas dragons den alright ok

- Colores

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If I could play out all my experiences at once, your Earth would look like a cheap disaster movie. Thank you @angelo_candas for giving voice to the satellite. Golden Prize - Ape doro for Teatro Della Terra Alienata, Australian Pavilion at the XXII Triennale di Milano: Broken Nature. In partnership with @hdr_inc P.h. Denisa Kera #utsdab #utsarchitecture #triennalemilano #brokennature @latriennale @broken__nature @utsarchitecture @utsdab @utsdab @grandeza.studio@shoufay@triennaledimilano @sircharliewindow @zharrisson @francesca.capicchioni - @amaia.sanchezvelasco on Instagram

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- Animation

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by @rolikdasha #Voguedance #vogued #dance #dancedance #vogue #prilaga #voguestyle #vogue #vogue #gleb #vogue #choreography #voguechoreo #vogueslovakia #dancevideo #danceonstreet #forbiddendance #voguing #voguedance #voguetorap #antihype #urobilismesivlastnyklip #konecne #dance #girls #boy#tancuj #dnestancujem #dnessportujem #maraton - @voguedance_ on Instagram

good start manjit minhas dragons den nice start you started well

Via @auzal //Este dispositivo sirve para escuchar campos electromagnéticos, convirtiéndolos en señales de audio. es como entrar en un plano paralelo de escucha, otra realidad sonora. Está basado en un circuito de @lom.label. @rmd.brc ayudó con el diseño del circuito. @ghmac10 pasó datos y consejos. @greg.technology insistió mucho. @julieta.caputo tomó las imágenes de registro. La música que se escucha en el parlante es de @__lumtz. la música del principio está hecha con grabaciones del mismo dispositivo. Algún día vamos a organizar todos estos proyectos con greg en @thesynthzoo! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: #new_media_art to be featured ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: #newmediaartist #experimentalart #experimentalmusic #newmedia #soundart #powacademy @powland.tv - @new_media_art on Instagram

shut up anne workin moms 609 shut your mouth

- Wetsuit

easy peasy manjit minhas dragons den very simple piece of cake

- Japão

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Azurite malachite from Russia knocks my 🧦 off every time. 🌏🌍🌎🌊🌳💙💚 . . #azurz #azurzstones #azurminerals #azurzazurite #lapidary #lapidaryartist #lapidary #azurite #azuritemalachite - @azurz on Instagram

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- Thanks, Social Club! (x-post from /r/gaming)

wooo family feud canada lets go lets do this im ready

- I rightclicked on a file.

nice kingofbayst wes hall dragons den alright

- Custom Belt Buckles

smiling 7ven sort of happy amused

- Art: Fun With Painting

thats great manjit minhas dragons den thats incredible thats awesome

- When you dont know which video option youre about to select

huh miranda family feud canada what confused

- blursed_virgin

whoa manjit minhas dragons den wow oh my

- Coming soon to own on dvd & video, *a loud mans voice that shakes the walls*

aw come on miranda family feud canada aw man disappointed

Do you buy your Copic Markers per piece or by sets? 🤔 Let us know in the comments! Were really curious about how many people actually buy Copic Markers by sets versus individually/per piece 🤔 ⁠ ⁠ Click the link in our bio to shop now!⁠ ⁠ We offer free international shipping with tracking number! - @artillerysupplies on Instagram

happy jodi great canadian baking show s5e9 celebrating

Balanço geral - @record_europa on Instagram

deep breath miranda family feud canada exhale calming myself down

@makoto_humanelements collabs with @artificialintelligencednb on the frosty little number ‘Cold Expanse’ which is out now as part of @ukf 2020. #drumandbass #liquiddnb #dnb #electronicmusic #drumnbass - @keyofknife on Instagram

headshake gcbs great canadian baking show smh shaking my head

Video game raíz! Chupa PS4!! TELEJOGO II - @marcelomigliari on Instagram

im ready miranda family feud canada im good to go lets do this

Before&After @ianndior ft. @lilbaby_1 PROSPECT Music video Director: @freeomarjones Ep / Creative producer: @davidwept Production: @at.lasproductions VFX by Cameo FX #ianndior #lilbaby #prospect #vfx #visualeffects #cameofx #beforeandaftercameofx - @cameofx on Instagram

no kyle kennaley the great canadian baking show no way refusing

- GOT7 #Lullaby1stWin on M Countdown

no idea gerry dee family feud canada i dont know no clue

- Reconstruction of babylon imago mundi

i dont get it arlene dickinson dragons den i dont understand im confused

- Gluck down there, lads!

wooo family feud canada wow woah excited

- I dvrd it

thats wild guys michele romanow dragons den thats extreme im impressed

- Pokemon Shop

we can handle this kate kate foster workin moms 611

- Circular Smartphone

whoa manjit minhas dragons den wow impressed

Here is the timeline during the warriors power of 3 story it talks about some battles. - @erin_hunter_warriors_author on Instagram

no ones perfect chris family feud canada nobody is perfect we cant be perfect

- Alicia Keys

it sounds great vincenzo guzzo mr sunshine dragons den it sounds good

- Interesting info

relieved miranda family feud canada what a relief im glad

Thank You @spotifyasia for featuring our young lady @kimberley_sings in this amazing playlist... NEVER BREAK ME DOWN.. Go check it out! @empire.asia @empire @starmedianusantara0 - @nsgmusic on Instagram

looking forward to it kingofbayst wes hall dragons den cant wait

Hello! Check out my latest video to see how easy it is to have any chat color in App version 1.44 of @avakinofficial channel link is in my bio!! #avakinpopculture #avakin #avakinofficial #avakinlifeofficial #avakininstagram #avakinmodel #avakintiktok #avakinphotography #avakinedits #avkn #playavakin #avakinfashion #avakinyoutube #iamavakin #avakincelebrities #avakincloset - @panda_plays_avakin on Instagram

its there family feud canada its on it it has to be there im sure of it

- Descendants

dancing jodi great canadian baking show s5e9 feeling it

- epicheroes You Tube Videos

good job family feud canada youre doing great well done you got this

Distalizador forestadent 💥💥💥👌 - @comercialeurodent on Instagram

got it manjit minhas dragons den noted understood

- Leader of the Knotsies...

ugh miranda family feud canada annoyed irritated

- Anyone remember the old DiC logo at the end of every show?

nope violet sort of nah no

-ForgedProcess- Creating these Artist Edition’s have become my weekly creative outlet lately. Here are some images and video of the process. • • • [ find your Sight Line ] - @sightlineprovisions on Instagram

now its complicated family feud canada now its hard its not easy anymore its tough now

Apex Bar Riser 💥 #goapex - @official_apexproscooters on Instagram

ohh manjit minhas dragons den i see i get it

- Bratz Original Movies & Cartoons T.V. Series Seasons 1 & 2 From 2004 - 2013

clapping miranda family feud canada bravo well done

facetime? anyone? - @elliezeiler on Instagram

whispering arlene dickinson dragons den spilling the tea gossiping

- Energie libre

yeah right family feud canada sure thing of course obviously

- Online games

i think youre gonna struggle robert herjavec dragons den i think youre gonna have a problem i think youre gonna have an issue

- The incredible machine by Sierra

okay sally fakes 106 ok

Introducing the prototype for Vlad Kreimers next creation -- THE ORGANISMIC DRUM MACHINE PULSAR-23. To be released fall2018/winter2019. Pre-orders at somasynths@gmail.com - @soma_laboratory on Instagram

that is a great idea michele romanow dragons den that is a wonderful idea that is the best idea

- No Shop No Problem

he wasnt so bad zoe fakes 104 he wasnt a bad guy

Top event - @strayashit_ on Instagram

oh really manjit minhas dragons den are you sure are you certain

- Playground Games

crossed fingers family feud canada hopeful i wish wish me luck

- Lauren Harris

thats why you need money robert herjavec dragons den thats why you need cash thats why you need some paper

Asekkk asek joss pokok,e joget ya MBK wkwkw @ucie_sucita @officialmnctv #candawayangmnctv tebak lagu ada @danang_official91 @happy_asmara77 @ruben_onsu @wendicagur @sapri_pantun @vegadarwanti123 @candawayangsule 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💋💋💋💋 #UcieSucita #kartukuning #kartukuningchallenge #ciersindonesia #candawayangmnctv #uciesucitaentertainment #lfl #likeforlike #likeforfollow #flf #trending #uciesucita #uciesucitaofficial #artishot #uciesucitaciers #lfl #flf #likeforlikes #likeforlike #dangdut #cierstulungagung #tulungagung #dangduthot #dangduters #tiktokindo - @ciers_tulungagung on Instagram

alright firass family feud canada sure fine

- [Infographic] Elite TM in Raid Battles (legacy moves for the top PVE Pokémon)

im back canada robert herjavec dragons den i have returned im here again

Living in Nigeria automatically makes you a hero. We are all heroes. I celebrate us today. #HappyIndependence to us! #NigeriaAt60 - @janellesnollywooddiary on Instagram

life has the worst timing sabi mehoob sort of life has horrible timing life has bad timing

New Video out on YouTube Watch and Subscribe YouTube channel Link on Bio #naturephotograpy #naturelover #nature #naturephotography #naturegeography #naturephotos #nature_perfection #naturelovers #natureza #natureshot #natureperfection #natureshooters #naturelife #natureseekers # - @nature_cinematic_videos on Instagram

Laidy Gómez: Estamos preocupados, venezolanos por evadir los controles sanitarios usan las trochas | #NacionalesGV - @globovisiongv on Instagram

- @evilregals_squad on Instagram

Guy: what ya doing? Me: oh yknow, just living my life to the fullest 😂😂😂 #livingthedream #whatarethose - @reesep10 on Instagram

- Greek music

Working on new big band music. Looks more complicated than it actually is. - @jimitenor on Instagram

- How To in Photoshop

Watching 📺 with the fam and who do I see in this commercial!!! My beautiful mother 😆 Shes a star!! @actressregina Good stuff!! - @pastorjrgamble on Instagram

- I cant help but think that Im being mocked

- Gemstones

Checkout @oakgrovetech at the Joint readiness training center if your in the Ft Polk, LA area. - @crazybobcook on Instagram

- Full Moon Names

- arduino lcd

- Impossible colors are colors that do not appear in ordinary visual functioning. resulting from combinations of retinal outputs which cannot arise in normal vision. This is a way to experience them.

- I saw some YT video saying that the Granite and Marble minibiomes are kinda cringe designed, so heres a more temple-like design for it. Sorta inspired by the Ocean Monument from Minecraft. Ideas here are for inspiring modders to change up the biome.

- Cores: combinações e inspirações

-2019拍了很多的mv,很多人看不懂Crush on 但我很喜歡這隻mv超ㄎㄧㄤ . . 謝謝 @aloha.jie_errorfrequency 每隻找我當攝影真的好爽, @ps3ppz 真的狂是這首歌的製作和導演, @hamm_yeah 超屌 #crushon - @pinbo__ on Instagram

Gubi @gubbimane is wearing the Bastet Ankle Boot, made from abrasive black leather with flat, round, asymmetrically placed silver studs. He is performing a mystery track, guess the song and comment below. These videos are made not only to show Rani Bagerias creations, but also to present the model more as an actor than a requisite, performing a song that comes from their heart. Come and say Hi at the shop at Zieglergasse 88-90,1070 Vienna,Austria or visit www.ranibageria.com Videos and Styling by Luna Mae Heflin @lunamaeheflin - @ranibageria on Instagram

CASO DO DIA: Qual alimento gera briga com o mozão? - @divadepressao on Instagram

Are we finished Lake Elsinore? Lake Elsinore has 86 offenders located in the city. We have risk level 4 offenders. Violations vary from sodomy with minor under 14, penetration of foreign object, etc. Swipe and check your home. For details of the violation go to meganslaw.ca.gov and search your home. - @ilovelakeelsinore on Instagram

- New Screensaver

- Baby shower questions

- What Reddit looks like on an Internet-connected Commodore 64 from 1982. Its surprisingly readable/navigable, even on a 40x25 screen.

Kalypo moneyyyyy ❤❤ - @those_called_celebs on Instagram

- Inkle Weaving

Este fue uno de los videos más lindos en los que haya participado en 2019, dirigido por un genio @nunodirector 👲🏻 para @aitanax y @calidandee . . . Una tremenda produccion de @joakinoto @___paubarrios___ . . Y tuve el placer de asistir a @alejocastro21 (JP) y @micaa.galarza ♥️ . . . #aitana #caliyeldandee #film #production #producer#music #genre #song #songs #melody #hiphop #rnb #pop #movies #theatre #video #movie #film #films #videos #actor #cinematography #cinemagraph #photographyeveryday #filmmaker #filmmaking #videoclip #videoclipawards #videoclipoficial #videoclipmusical #videoclipmusic - @fedelogo_ on Instagram

- Horse Riding Helmets

Beyond thrilled to be the singing voices behind these cute little guys for the new VR game, Gnomes & Goblins (created by Jon Favreau)! It was a real treat writing these songs with @bradicalicious 😊✨ - @mreemusic on Instagram

- Prayer in C

- Barney and Bob The Bulider

- Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no

Will Ariana Grande be at Power House 2014? - @power106_fm on Instagram

Buen mitad de semana y día en que ocurre el equinoccio de primavera! 🌞 Lo que significa que hoy, el día dura 12 horas Sabías que existen tres especies de zorro en Chile? Tanto el Zorro Culpeo como el Zorro Chilla habitan a lo largo del país, sin embargo, el pequeño Zorro de Darwin se encuentra en dos poblaciones, Chiloé y en Nahuelbuta, es el más pequeño de los tres y el más amenazado. Hermosas ilustraciones de @danielmartinezpina #zorros #zorrochilote #zorrochilla #zorroculpeo - @nietun.kuruf on Instagram

Kalypo money 💞💞❤❤❤ - @those_called_celebs on Instagram

Idk - @idkthisperson on Instagram

Malam grand final liga dangdut 2020 neng geulis @lida2020.meli . . Mua makeup_byrivolisaa Hairdo @nisa_marina Headpiece n earcuff @queenlyparis Dress @dianamputri Eyelashes @eyelashes_by_rivolisa Support @wardahbeauty . . . . . . #earcuff #chineseweddingceremony #chinesewedding #mahkotapengantin #mahkota #tiara #headpiece #weddingaccessories #bridesmaids #pita #handmade #bride #makeupartis #makeupartisindonesia #muaindonesia  #photostudio #medanol #medan #medanonlineshop #crown #glovenikah #mua #hiasanrambut #jepitanrambut #sarungtanganwedding #sarungtangannikah #anting #weddingaccessories #hiasanhijab #aksesoris  #aksesorishijab - @queenlyparis on Instagram

Tonight I will be in the mix for @virusrecordings on D&BTV: Locked In. Ill be dropping lots of old classics and a load of other D&B goodness alongside @matt.optical @ed_rush @baileyintabeats and @audio_snake_pit Tune in from 8pm UK time using the link in my profile. #virusrecordings #drumandbass #neurofunk - @matrixlondon on Instagram

- Material study

- only chikoo

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Cant wait to see this guy do great things at Stetson University! - @mark_bowen on Instagram

- TIL K.L.E.O has a plan to kill everyone in goodneighbor( on the second level of her store )

#psvita #vita #فيتا - @ps_vita9 on Instagram

- Beautiful Meadow Clips

Die drei neuen Deutschen Weinmajestäten heißen Anna Löffler aus der #Pfalz, Eva Müller aus #Rheinhessen und Eva Lanzerath von der #Ahr. Eine von ihnen wird Deutsche Weinkönigin! @pfaelzische.weinhoheiten @rheinhessen.queenies @mosel.weinhoheiten @weinkoeniginbergstrasse @ahrweinkoenigin @rheingauerweinmajestaeten @wuerttemberger_weinhoheiten #wddw20 #germanwine #winesofgermany #deutscheweinkönigin #deutscheweine #dwi - @wines_of_germany on Instagram

Tommy Blacha blessed me with this gift! I thought I should share it with you. - @antonio__canobbio on Instagram

- Ilvermorny

- Folk & Singer-Songwriter Music

- The Internship

#mariaantonietadelasnieves atuando em uma sketch do Dr Chapatin em #1972 - @gamercrafter_ps on Instagram

My little engine silver and gold - @mk1mk2fordescortpeople on Instagram

Here are some of my current children that I sent off into the world 💞🌈 Thanks a billion @theportlandzoo for Collabing with me in these trying art times. . #recycledart #reuse #recycle #fourpack #beerme #businesscard #supportsmallbusiness #arcylicpaint #applebarrelpaint #autism #adhd #mindexplosion @applebarrelcrafts - @kjm.designs on Instagram

- This unskippable 17 minute YouTube advert (x-post from /r/mildlyinfuriating)

coming to a computer screen near you 🤓 @normaville ‘s clip for @alexander_vanpelt 🎆🛸 - @anitra_l on Instagram

@deviantart being supportive again! 💚 - @ashkerins on Instagram

Game development : mountains ready . Our game shows women empowerment and criticism faced by different people in Indian history. .CHAINZ OF FREEDOM . . #newgame #gamedev #gamedevlopment #history #india #winenempowerment #criticism - @mythamestudios on Instagram

- Galactic Hub Pins have been received and will be available for sale (or for free to those who donated) very soon!

last years 3x campaign videos for GENTLE MONSTER @gentlemonster - @bouncerox @seulki.sue.lee @yookookimm @dogi_ @frederikheyman #frederikheyman - @frederikheyman on Instagram

Time I probably give an update about where Ive been... Tbh I just mainly lost interest playing, no its not because the game is dead (I see you coming ready to just post this) its fun but at this point ive done nearly everything the game offers and I have zero meaning to really continue, I spent most of my time playing other stuff and I know I barely even respond to my ig dms, sorry about that, im better contacted on discord if its something more urgent than being contacted on ig about buying a buy world i have no care about. Maybe its the time I really just stop playing, im still online sometimes for updates but aside from that ive reached a point where I dont have much fun playing at all and updating Sinister (the bot, if you know), is probably the only thing related to growtopia that I still work on. Dont take this as a 100% quitting post, im still around, just really quiet Though I do have a question for those who dont waste their time piled in a trade world to profit, what do you guys to that is fun? Maybe thatd give me ideas #growtopia - @tk69.gt on Instagram

- Yeah right.

- Old cartoon movies

- @abhi.manyu5 on Instagram

- I’m so hyped!


- Was playing around on the Amiga this afternoon in Deluxe Paint

Jesus tá play! 😎✌🏻 - @somoslinkclub on Instagram

yuhuuu couple’s day di Brownis tudeyyy 🥰🥰 terimakasih manis di rumah yang udah nonton brownis siang ini. Jangan lupa nonton Brownis setiap Senin-Jumat jam 12.30 WIB hanya di @transtv_corp 💕💕 #brownisttv #transtv #transmedia #live #talkshow - @brownis_transtv on Instagram

- [NsCDE/FVWM] The perfect Ok Boomer UNIX desktop!

- About Gemstones

- energy solution

Now in stock send me your lovely autumn hair to share. 🧡💛🧡 #matrix #matrixcolor #matrixcolorsync #matrixsocolor #autumnvibes #matrixtotalresults #tradehairsupplies - @joanne_halfpenny_ths on Instagram

- Carmelita spats

- Next year we will be living in the time of Akira.

Sorry for being not much online these week and couldnt preape myself because of working 5 full days. So here a picture from my favorite peeps! ❤💙💚💛💖 #powerrangers #powerrangersspd #bridgecarson #spdgreenranger #jacklandors #spdredranger #skytate #spdblueranger #zdelgado #spdyellowranger #syddrew #spdpinkranger #spdemergency #spacepatroldelta #boomstudios #shatteredgrid #powerrangersspacepatroldelta #prspd #powerrangersspdfans #greenranger #redranger #blueranger #yellowranger #pinkranger - @laurabosch20 on Instagram

#repost @abbeyroadinstmia We are thrilled! 😀 Art House Foundation Miami is giving away a Soundgirls.org scholarship, sponsored by Leapwing Audio, for a lucky upcoming student of our Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, which starts in January 2021: https://arthousefoundationmiami.com/soundgirls/ Both Maria Elisa Ayerbe and Natalia Ramírez are members of Soundgirls, and this is what they had to say: Natalia: I’m very excited Abbey Road Institute is finally coming to Miami. The program will start in January next year with a very select group of students that will be experiencing the studio life in a boutique setting that I had the immense opportunity to be a part of since the beginning. Art House Studios is basically home to me so it makes me really happy that the school has partnered with SoundGirls and Leapwing Audio to give an outstanding woman the opportunity to show her talents as an audio engineer while being surrounded by great people and beautiful music. This scholarship represents a life-changing stepping stone in equality and diversity in our industry. I’m definitely thrilled beyond words! Maria: I am tremendously happy to learn that Leapwing Audio and Soundgirls will be sponsoring a scholarship for a future music producer at the Abbey Road Institute program in Miami! Abbey Road Institute’s program in Miami focuses on a 100% individually tailored and hands-on educational approach, perfect for a unique student with a unique passion for music and production. As one of the few female music producers in the industry and proud member and supporter of the Soundgirls Organization, I understand the importance of high-quality education as a means to diversify and enrich the music industry. I am sure the prospective candidate for this scholarship will be outstanding, and I am certain this incredible opportunity will match with the right person thanks to the incredible outreach the SoundGirls organization has built over the years. - @miamiarthouse on Instagram

#fuerzacasanare #yoinviertoenvida #horadelplaneta - @wwfcolombia on Instagram

The use of multiple curators brings to light individual visions based on artistic preference, location, and experience in the field of digital motion art and animation. Take a look at our latest blog post where we interview Livy Snyder, Faiyaz Jafri, Snow Yunxue Fu, Barry Whittaker and Ivar Zeile. #supernova #interviews #curators #animationfestival #digitalartworks @faiyazjafri @snowyunxuefu @barry_whittaker @l_onalee_ @_sharifa_ - @denverdigerati on Instagram

#CyberCon2020 April 17-19. The #International #FREE 56hr #Online #LiveStreaming #ComicThon #Event Youre Not Gonna Want To Miss! The Event Page: facebook.com/HWWSCyberCon #GetInvolved: contact: sage@hanginwithshow.com #PopCulture #Artists #Vendors #LiveMusic #LivePerformances #CosplayContest #Entertainment #Podcasts #Panels #Guests #PowerRangers #PowerRangersInSpace #SaturdayMorningCartoons #LiveDisplays #JoinUs #Events - @hwwscybercon on Instagram

- Collor combinations

comment for a dt - @oikawn on Instagram

- IDM Electronic Cyberpunk Experimental Industrial Retrowave

- Polaroid wand

Micro-Meccano 🔭🔧⚙️ I didnt post here for a long time, too focused at the bench to finish my new project. Day after day I realize its a very heavy work 😅 The longstanding dream gets closer to reality! Some things are truly worth waiting for 🙏🖖 Here is a piece of this new project before and after assembly. When I first saw the quantity of parts I thought it will never fit but it does! The final piece on the second picture is around 8x4mm, it includes 21 parts 🤯 #horology #watchmaker #bench #mechanics #pinion #watches #work #wheel #project #new #differential #independent #watchmaking #vianneyhalter #researchanddevelopment #deepspacetourbillon - @vianney_halter_official on Instagram

😎😎😎😎😎😎 - @needle_art_2k on Instagram

Пост группы #АлексинскийКарьер В понедельник в магазине произошёл неприятный случай: обсуждение карантинных мер переросло в рукоприкладство, пострадала женщина. Ее муж вступился за супругу, но тоже пострадал. Теперь смотрим, как эту ситуацию представил местный телеканал, «объективность» которого всем давно известна. Человека, защищающего свою семью, выставили алкоголиком, хулиганом, тунеядцем... да ещё и лидером группы «Алексинский карьер». Непонятно, что из этого хуже. Не связано ли это с тем, что он на прошлой неделе давал интервью для телеканала Рен-ТВ, публикующего клинские и канарские делишки? Конечно, разбираться в происходящем будут компетентные органы, но будут ли они объективны? Посмотрят ли и не потеряют ли видео с начала конфликта? #Клин #КлинскиеНовости #НовостиКлина #Клин_news #Klinnews Видео отсюда https://youtu.be/wncZgxAFYDo - @klin.news on Instagram

- Arduino

Day 2 of #WalkerCoders with @microsoftedu. Our SummerSTEAM kids explored the Minecraft Voyage Aquatic. #TWJC • • • #community #jerseycity #ourkidsourfuture #education #teaching #educationprogram #learning #aftercareschoolprogram #summerprogram #summerlearning #21stcenturylearning #kids #students #jersey #school #art #STEAM #creative #homework #nonprofit #stem #teamwalker - @teamwalkerjc on Instagram

Gracias al programa La mañana de Cada Día @cadadiasntok por la entrevista en vivo de hoy ✨Gracias @sntparaguay por llevar cine paraguayo a todas las pantallas del país!!🎬Mañana sábado 1 de agosto a las 21 hs se estrena EL SUPREMO MANUSCRITO✨No se lo pierdan!! #cine #cineparaguayo #elsupremomanuscrito #actriz #paraguay - @lakat_acosta on Instagram

- [i3] Ricing script that pulls a wallpaper from /r/earthporn, extract the colors with pywal and sets them in i3 and the terminal

📼 알바생s 오늘의 일ㄱㅣ📝 5잉? 손님이랑 무슨 2ㅇㅑ기 중 이길래 4장님 표정이 이리 심각쓰 하r신걸ㄲㅏ...? (・ω・)??? -------------------------------------------------- 추석맞이 특별게스트 박세리 감독님의 인생 비디오 공개까지 ✨✨✨✨✨✨D - 2✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 👉👉👉10월 1일 (목) /// 밤 10시 05분👈👈👈 #선미네비디오가게 #죽지않아 #선미 #박세리 #핵꿀잼 #재미보장 #알바생 #웃다가눈물남 #추석에볼만한영화 #아니비디오 #비디오의명가 #sbs #짤방공작소 #대량짤생산예정 #캡쳐준비 #sunmi #seripak #video #broadcast #촬영중 #daily #diary #촬영비하인드 - @sunmine_videogage on Instagram

- Made some Bubble Tea Twitch badges

- MineCraft Gift Code Generator

- Law Centre - Helping people to save their homes, jobs and protect their families

Duh chef @junarorimpandeyofficial unyu sekali pengen mimin cubit 😆😆.Kami keluarga Bakmi Kofei Bangga banget chef pernah mampir ke Bakmi Kofei baru baru ini 🙏🙏. Sukses dan sehat selalu yah chef junaaa 😘😘 #chefjuna #bakmikofei - @bakmikofei on Instagram

- Yesterday, 67% of the continental US was covered by snow. Twice the normal extent of snowcover in the month of December [801x458]

- Texlahoma Flag

- I spent my lunch break creating a rad outrun background for my gaming website.


- Bếp chiến

- Birthstones by Month

Bimsalabim jadi server - @bedguy07 on Instagram

- DigitalArt

Monday! Team Italy Rides combo day! Morning Early Ride and Release the Chain Ride👍😉🇮🇹 - @zwift_italy on Instagram

Proud to be a @russellmoccasin dealer for 40 years! Check out our huge selection at kevinscatalog.com and our two stores. Last stop in the production process is the finishing table. These Russell Double Vamp Plantation Zephyr’s are just in stock at Kevin’s. We’re super excited about our fall collection, new products are arriving daily! - @kevinscatalog on Instagram

Todays lecture on Electric Generator https://youtu.be/cA-XEVqmXxE - @krishna_sir_maths_tutorial on Instagram

- Plan autocad

- Chimney Santa

- Colorized coins

👾Learn everything about Modul8!👾Mr Lupin will run this one day workshop and show you all the tricks for powerful video composition. Discover how a WYSIWYG* video collage workflow works and explore all the library of Modul8 modules for free. Stay tuned! #deviantelectronics #modul8 #mappingfestival #mappingfestival2020 #designfestival #festivalgeneva #mapping #vjing #designworkshop #mappingworkshop - @mappingfestival on Instagram

When 31-year-old Jacinta Miller sat in the Intensive Care Unit at Western Australia’s Midland hospital holding her little brother’s hand, she noticed there were little spots of paint under his fingernails. Stanley, age 19, had been rushed to the hospital from Acacia prison on July 11 after fellow inmates found him hanging in an unlocked storeroom near his cell. The young Noongar man had depression and anxiety. He was a promising artist; and painting had always helped him see the light from the darkness. But in prison, it had been hard for Stanley to see any light. The Western Australian government needs to take urgent action on jail deaths. Read the new opinion piece by @humanrightswatch Australia researcher Sophie McNeill in @thewestaustralian and at HRW.org: https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/09/16/western-australian-government-needs-take-urgent-action-jail-deaths - @humanrightswatchau on Instagram

- Jac’s drawing ideas

- Ji eun tak

- Anotherkind

- Look at what you’ve done, r/RoastMe.

Masha Allah 20 years of success!! Congratulations ARY #2Decades - @saeedhumayun on Instagram

- blursed_game

Terima kasih @bankbri_id @liputan6 @vidiodotcom @kapanlagicom sudah mengundang saya. Terima kasih juga untuk teman-teman yang sudah nonton. Have a great weekend everyone! 🌤 - @lekaputra on Instagram

- The difference in color (or lack there of) to distinguish watch vs warning.

- Skip It

- Na Ha-Eun

- [OC] Princesses of the Planes

We simulated an arcade video game for this latest MENACE lookbook. Thank you to everyone that helped with this production of ours, hardest challenge yet ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀🎬: @menacelosangeles ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🖥: Myself / @yahtzee ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🧩: @nicholasvillasenor / @davidenrqz / @mateo.camano 🖌: @luno_doodles ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📹: @killerflowe.rs ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⭐️: @demetriusharmon / @marquelrwilliams / @grahamsydney / @lordmyaka / @alexjordonez⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - @stvnmenace on Instagram

- Map of temperatures in Spain

- Kalisto 2016 Campaign desktop wallpaper [1920x1080]

- Craft Ideas

Teh @ucie_sucita di @rumpi_ttv 😍😍😍 #uciesucita #uciesucitaofficial #ciers #ciersindonesia - @ciers.samarinda on Instagram

Meremehkan sesama manusia adalah sebuah kesombongan. Tapi, gimana kalo dia bukan manusia ? - @ka.zumma on Instagram

Some color names from NEW Magic Fireball: Unicorn - Simply Happy, Black Star - All Shades of Black, Lilala - Delicate Purple, Magnetic Blues - Spacy Cool. Metallic Dark Blues, Rosy Rose - Different Shades of Rose. ⠀ All colours of our famous Magic Fireball you can find on www.konplott.com ⠀ #konplott #jewelry #mirandakonstantinidou #stylishjewelry #fashionjewelry #designjewelry #earrings #handmadejewelry #crystals #earringsoftheday #jewelryoftheday #jewelrystyle #famousearrings #sparklejewelry - @konplott on Instagram

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Sumérgete en un océano virtual, lleno de fuzz y distorsión con #TheFroysVR 🌊🐙. No te pierdas el último concierto de #TourVR 🕹️. Link de Registro en BIO - @rufianeslabel on Instagram

FAÇA SEU PEDIDO EM NOSSO SITE NO LINK DA BIO. PARCELAMENTO EM 12X SEM JUROS E FRETE GRÁTIS PARA TODO BRASIL 🇧🇷. . . FICOU DÚVIDA ? WHATSAPP 📲 11 947389821 OU VIA DIRECT NO INSTAGRAM. . . DEUS ABENÇOE A TODOS 🙏 E AGRADECEMOS A PREFERÊNCIA. . . 😍 ISSO É RING LIGHT BRASIL OFICIAL ®️ SONHO DE LUZZZ 💡😱❤️ . . * TRABALHAMOS SOMENTE COM MARCAS PATENTIADAS, COM TODA LINHA DE ILUMINAÇÃO PROFISSIONAL : YN608 YN508 YN308 Yn360 RGB RL-12 RL-14 R-19 RL-18 YN160 YN300 YN320 YN600 YN900 YN1200 TL-600 @RINGLIGHTBRASILOFICIAL REALIZANDO SONHOS... . . #RingLight #Makebrasil #Makeup #Maquiagemartistica #Maquiadores #yn608 #makepro #makeinstagram #maquiagemsocial #universomakeup #designsobrancelha #challengeinstagram #microfioafio #makelove #microlabial #pmubrasil #Pausaparafeminices #maquiagembrasill #makes #instamake #makelove #ringlightselfie #Maquiando #Maquiagemprofissional #RingLightBrasilOficial #microblading #micropigmentacao #sobrancelhas #MakeNoiva #makeupchallenge #loucaspormake - @ringlightbrasiloficial on Instagram

We are excited about this new selection. It includes: • Unmounted Rubber and Silicone Wheels & Rods • Mounted Brushes, Buffs, Felt Bobs & Polishers • Aluminum Oxide Sanding Bands from 60 - 600 grit • Mounted Wet / Dry Premium Sandpaper Rolls from 180 - 5,000 grit • Radial Discs both mounted and unmounted Assortments give you the chance to use a variety of products and find out what works best! - @foredomelectric on Instagram

- Blizzards of 78 & 2014/15

- Beautiful Vietnam Destinations

A huge Chirping to the Artist @deepakyadav3dartist 🔥 This wonderful 3D artist is from Indore, India. . Follow @mychirping and send us your artworks to get featured. . We appreciate your hardwork ❤️ . We feature Art, Photography, Fashion, Makeup and any creative works.🔥 . DM us your work 💌 or Use the hashtag #mychirping . #3dart #3ddrawing #realisticart #realisticdrawing #realisticpainting #3dpainting #indianartist #realisticpainter #3dartworks #picapool #mychirping - @mychirping on Instagram

Scene from our @cavempt film, “Energy Surplus” (2017). One of my favourite projects I’ve ever directed with @nick_knight @showstudio @stavroskarelis @brittlloyd_ @ali_michael @troy_casting - @reinadal on Instagram


Happy birtday my niece Lasori - @aming_laaba_hang on Instagram

Augusto Michel virou as três cadeiras e está no #thevoicekidsbrasil e é do Time da Simone e Simaria - @tvkbra on Instagram

- 4 of the 697 sides of Colorado, which makes its shape a hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon

Onko COLOR.ME -värisarja sinulle tuttu? 🎨 COLOR.ME -värisarja on syntynyt KEVIN.MURPHYn visiosta yhdistää sessiontyöskentely, hiusmuotoilu ja hiusväri. Tämä kompakti värisarja on erittäin suorituskykyinen, antaa luonnollisen lopputuloksen ja toimii optimaalisesti. COLOR.ME on sekoitus teknologiaa ja hellävaraisia, luonnosta saatuja ainesosia, jotka auttavat kosteuttamaan, elvyttämään ja antamaan uskomattoman kiillon. COLOR.ME-värisarjalla on Petan “Cruelty Free” -hyväksyntä. #TheChoicesWeMake Jos kiinnostuit, niin ilmoittaudu @colorme.riikka COLOR.ME START -kurssille! ✨ TI 13.10.20 ONLINE KE 18.11.20 OULU Lisätietoa tarinoissa! Tule myös mukaan kuuntelemaan Paz Bamrolian KM.TV -live COLOR.ME -värin teknologiasta MA 28.9.2020! 👊🏼 #framedapro #frameda #kysylisää #framedaedu #colormebykm #kevinmurphyfinland #kevinmurphyhair #kevinmurphy @kevinmurphyfinland @frameda - @framedapro on Instagram

Hai Kamu Selamat Pagi 😁 @salmasopia_28 SALAM SURUDUK LUR‼🐏 👊👊👊 Follow‼ __________________ @salmasopia_28 @gembalasantuy @pecintaproses @hpdkigarut_ @tanduk_edan @diamondpictures15 __________________________ ‼‼‼JANGAN LUPA DUKUNG DENGAN CARA SUBSCRIBE AKUN YOUTUBE KITA TANDUK EDAN LINK ADA DI BIO 👉👉👉 #tanduk #tandukedan #pecintadomba #seniketangkasandombagarut #hpdkigarut #hpdkijabar #dombagarut - @tanduk_edan on Instagram

- Colorado

- Me_irl

- The sweetest DB ever

I forgot you can split video, still a newbie at IG lol ----------- My favourite part of making this video is definitely how much fun we had. Thank you and sorry for this compilation of gold 😀 - @kendo482 on Instagram

Time to batten the hatches. Weve got some breezes coming our way! Fingers crossed for Black Beauty (aka our Rum Boat) 😬 #hurricaneteddy - @ironworksdistillery on Instagram

Worry beads #wip #glassbeads #currencystrands #worrybeads #flameworking - @parakeetfarmer2 on Instagram

Pensando en una pronta vuelta al observatorio les presento un plate de APOGEE-2S, el cual utilizamos para observar. El diseño del plate representa una región en el cielo y cada orificio corresponde a una estrella en dicha región. En cada orificio de color azul, rojo o negro se conecta una fibra óptica del mismo color, la cual lleva la luz de la estrella asociada directamente al multi espectrógrafo APOGEE. Tenemos más de mil de estos plates, de los cuales ya muchos han sido observados. En la plate también hay unos recuadros numerados en los cuales se conecta una fibra óptica que contiene un pin de orientacion, éstas son las llamadas fibras guías que se utilizan para guiar al telescopio en las observaciones. En el círculo central y en el rectángulo conectamos las cámaras de adquisición, las que se utilizan en el primer paso cuando apuntamos el telescopio a esta región. #sdss - @astrobeer.journal.pub on Instagram

Artwork Pictured: Leila Armstrong (Canadian, b. 1964) Coyote (Factory) 2014 mixed media Collection of the artist A Prairie Vernacular is now open for viewing! Hours: Monday to Friday 12:00pm-7:00pm Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm Closed Sundays. @swiftcurrent #artgalleryofswiftcurrent #aprairievernacular #folkart #swsask #prairieart #sculpture #mixedmedia - @artgalleryofswift on Instagram

- Pro Gamer Agility Bands

- Grand theft auto 5

Ayyy finally hit that half a milli mark on YouTube 👌🏾 Thanks to everyone whos subscribed and shown support over the years 🙏🏾 If youre not subbed, the links always in bio if youd like to. Ive got some new action ideas I plan on shooting as soon as stay at home orders begin to ease up. Cant wait to get them in front of yall. Thanks again everyone one 🙌🏾 #RivenX3i #500K 🎉 - @rivenx3i on Instagram

- Ryan R.

Analysis - @vldkl on Instagram

- Cool things

Uma ótima quarta a todos (as) 😉🙏 - @kawakami_andre on Instagram

The Claudia Kishi Club, Sue Dings short documentary homage to your favorite member of The Baby-Sitters Club, is now available on Netflix. Im honored to be in The Claudia Kishi Club alongside fellow Claudia superfans Yumi Sakugawa, Sarah Kuhn, CB Lee, Gale Galligan and Naia Cucukov. - @angryasianman on Instagram

- A-yeon

Leading the way for today’s Trump boat parade in Tampa with @a_fast_reporter . #MAGA #trump2020 - @strikeforceenergy on Instagram

- Jewelry Possibilities

- Shelley Duvall, Vogue Magazine, 1971

In reality it doesn’t happen that perfectly - I’m afraid I must ask you to leave! #abc #fox #kutv #fbi #utah In reality it does happen even more perfect but nature is wrong! Finally the last phase of this work begins - us telling the truth: The explosions are real but the natural monuments are women-made! (and man) Thanks to everyone who helped us to build these natural monuments, knowing their work will be destroyed and knowing that they have to remain silent about the nature of these monuments until it is published. Thanks also to Fox News, abc, kuTv and all the other media, for the inspiring investigations. See Welt.de article for more info: link in bio Julian Charrière und Julius von bismarck I Am Afraid April 3 - May 11, 2019 Opening Wednesday, April 3, 7-9pm Sies + Höke - Düsseldorf @julian.charriere @sieshoeke @alexanderlevygallery @dittrich_schlechtriem @kunstpalais #utahrocks #💥 - @juliusvonbismarck on Instagram

- Aesthetic

@jetnebula será la primera banda en presentarse en #TourVR 🖲 Regístrate para acompañarlos en su aventura lunar 🚀 ✨ #JetNebulaVR @mundoinmundo.cc - @rufianeslabel on Instagram

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- Miss tahiti

DO WHAT YOU DO BEST AND THATS BEING YOU‼️ 🌈 #pride #spectrum #doyou #nonbinary #lqbtqia #wlyg - @itsanastasiaalexander on Instagram

Nostalgia anyone? We had fun recreating the classic @faniceghana song with @shakerthis! Fusions of hip hop and afrobeats to give it a modern, contemporary feel. Follow @faniceghana to see how we roll out their new campaign! - @socialghana on Instagram

Dear friends, the North Fremantle artist Tom Rogers and I recently finished a short film called ‘Unusual Request’. You can watch it on Vimeo if you like: link in bio! - @davidwestperth on Instagram

2020년 9월 30일 수요일 저녁(PM)(추석연휴) 예능 최강 퀴즈쇼 대한외국인 103회(추석특집) 트로트한가위&(대한외국인VS트로트 10인 대결) #2020년#9월30일#수요일#소사구#나의방구석#나의방#mbc에브리원#대한외국인#대한외국인본방송#본방사수#본방중#예측불허#한국문화퀴즈쇼#김용만#박명수#알베르토(이탈리아)#알파고(터키)#안젤리나(러시아)#오네게(카자흐스탄)#에바(러시아)#장혜리(대한민국)#김경민(대한민국)#류지광(대한민국)#김희진(대한민국)#한가빈(대한민국)#윤수현(대한민국)#박서진(대한민국#박현빈(대한민국)#진성(대한민국)#하춘화(대한민국) - @hojin352020 on Instagram

A TV Brasileira completa 70 anos hoje. . . . E tenho algumas páginas da minha história nela. São 14 anos de Tv e muito orgulho de cada desafio. 📺 . . Para quem não sabe da minha história na Tv, aí vai um resumo de onde passei: 2006 a 2007- Tv Verdes Mares (produtora e apresentadora da previsão do tempo, mesmo estagiária) @tvverdesmares 2008 a 2009 - Repórter e apresentadora (Esporte Cidade) na Tv Cidade. @tvcidadefortaleza 2008 a 2009 - Repórter do programa Sempre Bem da Pague Menos 2013 - Apresentadora do Jornal Senac 2009 a 2014- Repórter e Apresentadora na Tv Ceará ( Jornal da TVC e Programa Vem com Gente). @tvceara 2009 a 2020 - Programa de televisão do @trtceara ( Justiça do Trabalho) exibido na @tvceara e na Tv Fortaleza . Estou até hoje. 11 anos apresentando 😉 . . . Adoro televisão, mas o meu coração sempre foi maior e cabe a comunicação todinha hahaha e ela faço na @impulsionesuacomunicacao ❤ - @camillaandradel on Instagram

- Blatantly fake reviews on reddit ads constantly being shoved down our throats.

mantap cnn , dan slide ke 2 mungkin bakal terjadi standby wkwkk . sc : grub wa . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow juga akun anti kpop lainnya ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @meme.kpopeler @nusantara_empire.id @guguspenanganan.plastiq @btsasu @servergurun @kpophrm @aw_garing.id @pembasmi__plastik @pembasmi_kpopeler @admin_fanatik.apkp @armysampahmasyarakat ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #kpopeler #penentang_fanatik #humor #lawak #lawaking #memeindonesia #memeindo #shitpostindo #shitpostindonesia #btsindo #exoindo #nctindo #twiceindo #blackpingindo #txtindo #kpopeler #humor #humorindo #dagelan #ngakak #ngakaksehat #joke #jokeindo #memeterbaru #ngakakinaja #lucu #luculucuan #melawak #awreceh #recehantwitter #bijikers - @penentang.fanatik on Instagram

GREAT website for #FCPX tips! Go to http://fcpx.tv/tips.html - @fcpxtips on Instagram

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Throwback to 2005 Never discourage someone who is actively trying to better their life and health. • I was a fluffy 17 year old who entered a Chinese singing contest • My parents didn’t allow me to have a gym membership • No one taught me the importance of nutrition so my diet was exclusively soda and fast food 🍔🍕🍟 • Even my friends* (I didn’t have many) scoffed and tore me down 😕 Swipe 👉🏻 - My progress after a 𝙛𝙪𝙡𝙡 𝙮𝙚𝙖𝙧 of working out. Progress was slow because no one offered any assistance and I was too scared to ask. 🤷🏻‍♂️ But the slowest progress..is still 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨! 🐢 I’ve been working out consistently for 1-2 hours every day for the last decade, and now i look AMAZING…ly “𝙖𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙜𝙚”. But I’m proud because even the slowest progress adds up over time. Looking back, I realize if even 1 person had encouraged and believed in me, it would’ve made a ginormous difference. 🥺 Not sure who needs to hear this, but if you’re actively trying to better your life, block out all the noise because I’m cheering you on. ☺️👍🏻👏🏻 𝙎𝙡𝙤𝙬 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙙𝙖𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙚𝙭𝙘𝙪𝙨𝙚𝙨. #metaphor #throwback #transformation #progress #musicneversleeps #beforeandafter #motivational - @jasondchen on Instagram

- Current Points and Maximum Points Possible This Season (DRIVERS)

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- Claims to Antarctica if the Frontage Theory was universally applied

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New necklace products coming to store this week! - @eclecticsafari on Instagram

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Day 44/100 #100daysofcodechallenge Today I officially started my project 4 for the Python Tech Degree. This is supposed to be an inventory app that adds and removes items from a database. I decided to style my like an old RPG/D&D shop, but I dont know if I will be able to do much more than the greeting. Id love to change the original list they gave me and add health potions and whatnot but I am not sure if I am allowed to xD Either way, as expected the 4th out of 5 challenges is insanely challenging and I know that I will be reaching out for more help. Thankfully Jennifer (What the heck... I didnt realize you and I were connected until now! xD) helped me figure out an issue that made me want to #facepalm hardcore. But, we learn the most from our silly mistakes. I know I will keep on making silly mistakes, but the goal is not to keep making the same one over and over! +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ #unity3d #unitydeveloper #gamedeveloper #unity #codinglife #csharp #gamesindustry #unitygames #unitytechnologies #programming #unitygames #gamesindustry #unitytechnologies #gamedevelopers #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedevelopers #gamedev #gamedevelopment #gamedesign #python #videogames #unrealengine #codingisfun #code #coder - @n0nb1narydev on Instagram

- If you can fix a skateboard, you can fix a bike I think the RAF is in trouble. Check out the pedal arms

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- Worldwide debt

No @JornalDaRecord você fica por dentro da previsão do tempo em todo o Brasil! #RecordTV 📺 #JornalDaRecord - @recordtvoficial on Instagram

Murshidabad video - SFX version only. Plug in your headphones please. If you guys STILL havent watched it, Id request you to have a look. Its not that long - just 3 minutes 😁♥️ LINK IS IN MY BIO⚡️ - And just in case that does get a bit troublesome, you can DM me for the link as well. - Shot on @sony A6400 📸 Mic used - Zoom H5 Edited and Colour-Graded on Final Cut Pro X & @adobe After Effects 2020 🖥⚡️ - 📍Murshidabad, India 💛 - Follow me up on more such interesting posts!📝 - [📸 Shot & Edited by : @sayonbiz ] - #sayonbiz #timelineeditcontest - @sayonbiz on Instagram

Terima kasih buat vidies yg udh nonton Vidi di Globaltv, Gimana menurut kalian penampilan vidi aldiano malam ini vidies???😄😄😄😄 - @vidies.va on Instagram

Panitia Minta Chayathanus Cheraim Saradatta Mundur Sendiri Sebagai Finalis Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Drama pageants terbesar tahun 2020 “Kami memberi @cheraims kesempatan untuk berhenti sendiri. Baca selengkapnya disini : https://bit.ly/2GmX3Z6 (Link on Bio) #MissUniverseThailand2020 #MissUniverseThailand #MissUniverse #Pageantempire - @pageantempire on Instagram

🧚Win a complete Rave Princess outfit with ALL THE ACCESSORIES to thank everyone for helping @Ravepunzels hit 1k. This is perfect prize for your next drive in rave or at home shoot. We are so thankful for all of the amazing brands who partnered with us for this giveaway 💖 Scroll to see all the prizes! Rules: Follow all the participating brands! @electriccouturedolls @jewelsbysons @kandibar @kandicosmos @crescentcrystals @ravepunzels Like this post 👆 Tag a friend in the comments (unlimited entries - enter on multiple posts to increase your chances!) Extra entry: post on your story and tag @Ravepunzels  ➡️ ENDS AUGUST 31 11:59 EST 🗺️ CA and US only 🎨 @petertronn - @ravepunzels on Instagram

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