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- Should girlfriend and I rescue this picture from her nursing home work before its demolished

- Our kitten RJ was found inside an old car engine. Our eldest cat George has [slightly begrudgingly] adopted him!

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- We got literal “Siamese Twins” not long ago. These brothers have never slept away from each other.

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#dreamlife Henri Matisse par Robert Capa, 1950 « On laisse toujours trop de tableaux. Un peintre n’a vraiment d’ennemis sérieux que ses mauvais tableaux. » #matisse bientôt dans @dartdart_officiel ! - @adelevanreeth on Instagram

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- My girls, Moxxi and Rey, love each other so much. This always warms my heart.

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Along with two cats we pulled from the Humane society from the 133 cats that were saved from the hoarding cats we are kitten crazy and could use your help! We need funds for spay & neuters for this Friday! And still need litter, food and so many things. - @lagattaracatcafe on Instagram

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- Saw a post a couple hours ago and had the exact same experience so I wanted to share. The calico, “Kitty”, acted lonely so we decided to adopt her a sister. This pic is from the night after we brought “Black Kitty” home. (They were named by my two 4-year old girls.)

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- *Bruffey Manor: an All-girls, Choose-your-own-ending mystery party for 10-20, from

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Rye Bread and Sourdough Starter are still available for adoption, which is unbelievable as they are cute, fun, easy-going, and as their namesakes they really help alleviate stress. Just look at them!! Rye Bread has some scarring on her eyes due to a bad infection when she was little but it doesn’t affect her vision. She is super playful and curious. Sourdough loves laps and is very laidback. They both enjoy playing together and with dogs! So if you need more carbs in your life (and who doesn’t right now??), fill out an adoption application and we will schedule a meet and greet. . . (📸: @mitrameownial ) - @meowparlour on Instagram

Emilio se levantó muy temprano y fue al patio. Cortó las naranjas del naranjo y los limones del limonero y los amontonó en distintas mantitas que había dispuesto en el suelo. Luego, se embarró las patas para marcar sus huellas sobre unos papeles y también los depositó sobre mantitas. -¿Qué estás haciendo? -le preguntó Carrito. -Trabajando -¿En qué? -Bueno, ¿me vas a ayudar o no? Carrito ayudó a su hermano a acomodar las mantitas y, a los pocos minutos, todos los pancitos estaban colaborando. Al llegar la tarde, el patio estaba repleto de mantitas, con fruta, dibujos de patas y cachivaches de lo más divertidos. -Que bien -dijo Carrito-, ¿ahora podemos saber qué estuvimos haciendo toda la tarde? -El GatoFest mini, un evento organizado por Emilio, en ayuda de los gatos abandonados. -Ah, que lindo. -Ahora solo falta que la gente venga a comprar limones y papeles. Carrito, ¿tú sabes cuánto cuesta un limón? -Sí, como tres pesos. -Perfecto, con cien mil limones que vendamos habremos llegado a la meta. Toda la tarde, Emilio esperó que alguien viniera a comprar, pero nadie estaba interesado en sus limones. Al llegar la noche, Carrito le dijo: -¿Me puedo ir a acostar? Ya es tarde. -Bueno, sí, anda -dijo Emilio y desilusionado se sentó sobre una manta. Yo ya estaba durmiendo cuando escuché a Emilo guardar sus mantitas con limones. Fui al patio y mi hermano me contó lo que había sucedido. Estaba muy triste. -¿Pero por qué no me contaste lo que estabas haciendo? Este fin de semana se hará el primer GatoFet virtual. -¿Y ahí podré vender mis limones? -Claro, y así podrás colaborar con nuestros hermanos gatos. -Que lindo. Debo cortar más limones. Emilio se puso tan feliz, que corrio a despertar al pobre Carrito y lo obligó a armar todo de nuevo. Como ya no quedan mas limones, Emilio está cultivándolos. No sé si alcancen a crecer para este fin de semana, pero sea como sea, sé que el @gatofestchile virtual será un éxito. No se pierdan este gran evento, que ayudará a la construcción del @santuarioemilia 15 y 16 de agosto por las RRSS de @fundacion_adopta - @emiliadesaparece on Instagram

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- When swimming, the fishing cat may use its short, flattened tail like a rudder, helping control its direction in the water.

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- Actor James Mason with his beloved Siamese cats. Late 1940s is my guess.

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- I made the mistake of laying out my best sweater before my works party.

- I am helping my mama to do her activism. I AM SO HELPFUL!!!

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German soldier of Panzer-Grenadier-Division Großdeutschland lets a kitten play with the magazine belt of an MG-34 machine gun in the compartment of a Sd.Kfz. 250A light half-track. Russia, 1942. Cats have long had a place in war as ships cats or dugout mousers or the mascots of fighting groups. Countless times, too, theyve been adopted by soldiers who find them left behind in war zones, their human families put to flight or worse. These cats were often held as mascots, and played an important part in keeping morale high. In World War I, the British army employed upwards of 500,000 cats as ratters but also as mobile gas detectors. Cats also have their own built-in bomb detectors. Whether they are simply attuned to changes in atmospheric pressure or they have a sixth sense, some cats are particularly good at knowing when a bomb is about to hit. During World War II, families soon learned to follow their cats into bomb or air-raid shelters, saving many lives. Among the most famous cats was one appropriately named Bomber. This cat could distinguish between the sounds made by RAF and German aircraft from a surprising distance. When Bomber headed for shelter, his family followed, making him a feline early warning system. . Colorized and text by @colourisedpieceofjake . #wehrmacht #mg34 #mg42 #wwtwo #easternfront #ukraine #colourised #warincolour #ss #barbarossa #operationbarbarossa #zweitenweltkrieg #maschinengewehr #maschinengewehr34 #grenadier #grenadiers #ukraine #ostfront #kfz251 #sdkfz251 #panzer #panzergrenadier #panzergrenadiere #warcat #cats #cat #kitten #waranimals #sdkfz250 #großdeutschland #wehrmacht - @world.war.2.archives on Instagram

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- You have to feel bad for his cat.

- Craig Williams, Interior Design Mystro


Serenity. Bubu and Kibo taking a rest with me. 📷: @imelda2710 - @aswin_ws on Instagram

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- Why couldnt I have found this shirt BEFORE the reddit Christmas exchange?

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