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Intricate Ancient Masterpieces That You Can Only Appreciate When You Zoom In (30 Pics)


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- Vive VR

40+ Hilarious Parenting Memes To Help You Survive Quarantine

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- 90s Colors

@littlemissnotesapp insta

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- Girls

40+ Hilarious Parenting Memes To Help You Survive Quarantine

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- a film mood

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- Gopro diy


Kawaiiiii 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰💅💅🖕

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- I tried to be emo but never fully embraced it. I believe the caption to this was Her name bubbles. ~2008ish

40+ Hilarious Parenting Memes To Help You Survive Quarantine

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- bradd pitt

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- duffy

𝐂𝐚𝐧 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭? •Louis Partridge•

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- In High school I watched Cry Baby and it went to my head a little. The most rockabilly dude that ever lived. ME!

Gus Fring🍗

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- Call Center Week 2015

God is Good

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The operation is successful! The patients body has 1.5mg less of Glucose in his blood running now, also the necessary steps have been taken. See that he doesnt come across sudden jerks of shattering pain in his heart. Take care As I spoke those words I could sense a pot full of love ready to drench me, in the hearts of Aman, my patients family. However soon after the surgery I took off my over coat and walked bristly towards the resting room so that i could leave the hospital doors as soon as possible. I had something else to take care of. Aman, my new patient, yes the one who was operated had nothing in serious except of some artery blockage (now, it wasnt serious as I am accustomed to the Heart Ailments because of the natural ailments) He was a fit army guy who made only two mistakes in his entire life. One of loving someone and then letting her go. You see, more than the glycerols or ethanol could ever damage a heart, this stupid love does it so swiftly, as if it is a childs play for it to destroy the bricks of a home, once made up of l-o-v-e. I sometimes think to mention Love as injurious to health on my consultant board, and half of them will return back with the message. Well, I am Aparna a cardiologist however i consider heart as only a blood pumping organ and nothing else. Cause you see, in the colleges they dont teach that how hearts are bound to love, yet we. Love is a subtle art you see, one can neither master it in his first attempt, nor could he be labelled naive, as an ART is an ART! This is where he lacked. This is why she left him. For me Love never meant to be topic of discussion but being a woman, I know the value of those three words and also being a woman, i know the value of the words I love you, but dont touch me. Yes, this was why Aman was gifted with Unrequited love, as he thought that Men and Women can never be equal and that Women are meant to be H-U-N-T Amans girl would certainly be strong enough to let her first and last love go off so easily as she decorated her attire with self-respect. Continued in the comments..(do read for the twist)🌻 #theunheardstories - @december_.lights on Instagram

☆° . *rukia.。*.☆


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- Scream MTV

30 Crazy And Unexpected Things People In This Online Community Heard When Someone Forgot To End The Call

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- Sgt. Pepper

“Today I Messed Up By Owning A Golden Retriever While Being Black”: Delusional Delivery Woman Calls


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- Brian De Palma

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- Straight from my fucking nightmares.

well i’m never wrong you just have to deal with it

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- Dearly Beloved

pfp comm for mad! 💓.

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- catfish & the bottlemen

My cat is cute

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- Fujifilm Instax WIDE - cameras // photos // ideas // accessories

Glamrock Freddy Fazbear Genderfluid Pride Flag Meme Sticker by CJ Merrill

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- Physics News

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Happy Birthday, Freddie 🖤 @freddiemercury - @umc on Instagram

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- BERLIN - @BNTHMPSN @MEG_SAOIRSE - @lucaschemotti on Instagram

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- Easy Listening Music

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin: A Love for the Ages - Daily Jugarr

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- I found my old myspace profile today. Why was I allowed to have a computer?

Walter White

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Call me - @life.of.sash on Instagram

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Un día como hoy, en 1893, nació Teresa Wilms Montt. Sus Diarios íntimos van en la tercera edición, y Poesía Reunida está agotado. ¿Reimprimimos este año o esperamos al próximo? Se agradecen comentarios! #TeresaWilmsMontt #Poesía #PoesíaChilena - @alquimiaediciones on Instagram

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- antique cameras

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- funny meme pictures

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LA 🎞 - @alexandergay on Instagram

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- Fotografia P&B

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- bvb

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- Netflix

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@andotherstories celebrates this year’s #internationalwomensday with a series of self-portraits. For every photo posted in March with the hashtag #herimageherstory, & Other Stories will donate 1€ to @careorg , a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty that is especially focused on supporting women and girls 🧡 Join the conversation and use #herimageherstory on your next post & share this with friends✨ - @welovepure on Instagram

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- photo de profil mix

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- Jimmy sullivan the rev

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Bb YYB 🥺 one of our first shoots with @una_blue - @youryoungbody on Instagram

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- The Cure, 1981

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... Monday ... ... #coffeemorning #monday #regincoshair #regincosbrushes #premiumbrushes #purebristlesbrushes #naturalhair #hairdresser #hairstylist #healthyhair #naturalvolume #cepillosprofesionales #cuidatucabello #madeinspain - @regincoshair on Instagram

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- Joan Armatrading

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- Articles Saved

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- @fredericnicolasleroux on Instagram

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- For those that remember...

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- James Dean photos

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- Mics

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- Leica M6

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‘LITTLE RUNAWAY’ - @celeste ⁣ ✨ Great seeing the final product, but so engulfed in the creative process. Really great to work on this one with everyone involved, appreciate you all 🤍 ⁣ Directed by @sophographylondon Feat ⁣@sonny_hall Producer: ⁣@maylingjinna Commissioner: ⁣@greymarco DOP:⁣ @joelhoneywell Celeste Styling: ⁣@ellaluciaa Cast styling: @consgaffe @ellaluciaa Styling asst: @mhyamclean @lilylainewright_ Art Department:⁣ @patienceharding Casting⁣: @chloerosolek Celeste MUA: ⁣@beck_davenport_mkup Celeste Hair: ⁣@jamescatalanohair Cast Hair and makeup: ⁣@cocohirani Grading:⁣ @kingofcurtis Edit: @tobyheard ⁣ Production Manager: @cheswick_ Production Company: @wearepartizan @universalmusicgroup @polydorrecords Artist mgmt: @atlasartists - @consgaffe on Instagram

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I’m making a little playlist for #SpotifySunday (link in my bio) with some of my favorite artists like Benjamin Fröhlich, DC Salas, Kiwi, Locussolus, Coyote, Man Power, Theus Mago, Molly (FR), Zombies In Miami and many more. Happy Sunday! — 📷 : @mackieartwork #spotifysunday #spotifyplaylist - @anggasaputra_ on Instagram

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- Step Into The Spotlight

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- Nerds Are Cool.

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- Pascal Greggory

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- Where are you ?

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- Dragon tattoo rooney mara

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Hey y’all, recently worked on a book. Go check it out if you’re interested, and cop a print if ur feeling generous! A third of the money is being donated to The Audre Lorde project and another third goes to fund imagemakers scholarship fund. Link in bio !! - @steventovar_ on Instagram

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- I always bragged that I could beat anyone in Guitar Hero, but I never learned actual guitar.

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Social norms tell people that they dont have the power to organise, or to impact the news cycle, or to have their voice be heard unless they participate in actions that are prescribed as appropriate activism. Our goal is to get our community on the street and experimenting with arbitrary regulations imposed upon free expression and political advocacy.⠀ WWW.SEXMILITANT.COM ⠀ ⠀ Call to arms - Jex Blackmore ⁠⠀ Photography - Alex Austin ⁠⠀ Set - Hans Maharawal⁠⠀ Movement - Pepper Fajans ⁠⠀ Fashion - Claire Vastola & Danielle Giaquinto ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ @bkoutfit @studio_hans_nyc @jexblackmore @sexmilitantofficial @goodtroublemag @pepprjelly @beautypapersmag - @alxastn on Instagram

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- Alines Hollywood lingerie shoot ideas

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- films

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- Bjork

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I am from darkness - @ajmalckambala on Instagram

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- Anne Maggil

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- Selina Kyle// Gotham

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In light of recent allegations against Burger Records and the unfolding of information involving a long list of ignored incidences, we want to let the world know that we support those who have spoken out. We will not be participating in any future Burger Records sponsored showcases or working with anyone who operates in a similar manner. Please speak out and take a stance, otherwise you are supporting and protecting the oppressor and suffocating those who are fighting to be heard. - @miranda_andthebeat on Instagram

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Sobre espirales, un grito impaciente, la espera, los miedos... la vida. Con @pow_lala Foto de @didds_puddin . . . . . . #blackandwhite #art #havana #composition #moment #photography #fotografia #cuba #cubaphoto #series #model #filmphotography #action #godess #woman #shot  #follow #capture #camera #anger #aesthetics #filmphotography #visualsoflife #bnw  #bw_society #lighting #spanish - @6.ielo_studios_d on Instagram

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- lizzy grant

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- Employment For Veterans

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- * lester holt.

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Congratulations🎉🎊 _________ Photo by:@luthplpke ________ Follow⤵ @urbanstreetphotography ______________________ S U P P O R T H A S T A G# #urbanstreetphotography #randomstreet #anakikutikutan #shoot2kill #photoscrazy #photograferjomblo #followforfollow #like4like #urbanstyle #streetactivity #streetkekinian - on Instagram

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- bts wallpapers

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- Princess Leia

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- camera love

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- orlando brown

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- road trip movie

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- Techno

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- Virgin islands

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- Glam

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COURAGE for @ellecroatia 🔥 Photography & Art Direction @maddygraceo Model @nico.potur Hair Stylist @sachaschuette Make Up Artist @jasminarnold Styling Assistant @mercedes_quirante - @mercedes_quirante on Instagram

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- Aya Sato and Bambi

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- Westworld Season 3 writing is so horrible that having a D&D cameo can be considered as foreshadowing.

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- 1924us

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- magnum

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- Headphone girl

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- Soulja

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- Tim Curry on set of the Rocky Horror Picture Show 1974

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- Black # 1

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@caloulenka - @mathiasfrere on Instagram

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- runaway train

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El calentito (2005) Chus Gutiérrez (Dirección/Guión) Guión de Chus Gutiérrez y Juan Carlos Rubio Fotografía: Kiko de la Rica Estreno: 24/06/2005 95 min. 35mm. Color. #ElCalentito #ChusGutiérrez - @spanish_cinema on Instagram

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- Thursday Afternoon

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- Jimi Hendrix Blues

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Wish you the best of the best of everything ❤️ Happy Birthday The Great Master.. Love you 🎂❤️ #StevenMeisel - @stevenmeisel_ on Instagram

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- Fuji closet

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ℙ𝔸ℕ𝕀ℂ hit 5M on Spotify and the album just hit #5 on iTunes. So grateful 🤘🏼🤐 - @mattfatn on Instagram

firstrequestrecords first request

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, the King of Pop and World’s Greatest Entertainer, always 🤴🏽🥳✌🏽 #mjjforever #michaeljackson #happybirthdaymichaeljackson - @thriller_live on Instagram

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- The Print Room

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#Throwbackwednesday #RabuSeru Lihat-lihat foto jadul memang nano-nano ya rasanya.. seneng, kaget, malu campur aduk jadi satu.. apalagi liat foto ini nih, langsung ngilu sendiri😂 (hayo tebak aku yg mana, jangan di zoom please). . . Yak bener! yang nomor 15 dong..! Ini tuh pas lagi audisi @abnontimur tahap interview di cibubur junction. Sebelumnya, ada tahap public speaking (PS) yang panggungnya berada ditengah persis atrium mal. (Jreng2 dipajang di tengah banyak orang dan jadi tontonan warga. trims) . . Masih teringat sampe sekarang pas sesi PS, sesaat sebelum giliran maju, sempat ngebatin dalam hati.. Sumpeh deg-degan, Gak akan lagi-lagi deh ngomong di depan umum gini dan muncullah skenario-skenario ajaib apa ntar pura-pura pingsan aja ya?” Atau alasan sakit perut terus izin pulang. Bye. . . Waktu itu aku mikirnya ini adalah pertama dan terakhir bicara depan umum *sakingtakutnya. . . Surprisingly, sesi PS berjalan dengan lancar, dan setelah selesai audisi, dinyatakan masuk menjadi finalis none timur 2006. . And then my pageant journey begins.... . Kalau dikilas balik, kenapa sih anak 18 tahun baru lulus SMA ikut-ikut pageant? Jujurrr, karena ada cita-cita jadi Puteri Indonesia, dan aku sadar untuk bisa kesana butuh mematangkan diri dulu. Menurutku Abnon adalah platform yang tepat. Plus jaman dulu, tiap Pemilihan Abnon disiarin di TV, pas liat finalis-finalisnya suka kagum gitu, Abangnya gagah2, none cantik2, dan pintar2. . . Ternyata oh ternyata. Rupanya panggung di Cibujunc bukan jd panggung trakhir, justru malah awal dari segalanya. . . Hmm, Andai waktu itu aku jd pura2 pingsan atau sakit perut, mungkin ga akan pernah merasakan panggung abnon jakarta, panggung puteri indonesia dan panggung miss international. . . Jadi teman-teman semua, jangan ragu dan takut ya untuk mencoba mencapai impiannya..!!! . There’s an old saying.. “ If u never try, u will never know how far u can go..” . Now i can say, “well said” ...💕 . . #abnontimur #abnonjakarta #Mypageantjourney - @fiza_id on Instagram

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- Hang loose [Nikkormat EL, 50 1.4, Kodak Portra 400]

gelatin family sweet lovely friends

- Blues Brothers

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- Dennis Oppenheim

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- Camera Gimbals

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- 500 days of summer


- Isle of Flightless Birds

- Blur

- Motivation & Value

- Doctor Who Season 9

#brisbanewedding #brisbaneweddings #brisbaneweddingphotographer #brisbaneweddingphotography #weddingphotography #weddingvideographer #mirrorreflection - @weddingphotographybrisbane on Instagram

- BART - San Francisco

- Taxi Driving Jobs UK

#streetphotography #street_avengers #streets_in_motion #street #zonestreet #streethunters #streetphotographyinternational #gf_streets #sweet_street_beat #lensculturestreets #dreaminstreets #street #street_life #streetphotographer #streetphotographers #streetziers #streethunters #streetpic #streetphotography #streetphotographer #bnw #bnwphotography #bnw_captures #bnw_addicted #streetphoto_bnw #streets #streetshot #street_storytelling #streetphotography_bw #fujifilmfrance #villedepau #streetmoments#tnscollective#streetmoments - @point.aveugle on Instagram

- Hey Ho Lets Go

- @makar_oni on Instagram

Change comes with a long fuse — but that fuse is burning. - @alice_bag on Instagram

- ani

- And Then There Were None 1945 and remakes

- Cocos apartment

- Tried to find a more blundery pic than my last one so I present to you: my daily Robert Smith cosplay

- Modern Still Life

- What is Weight Loss Green Store Tea ?

- -ANDY-

#therockyhorrorpictureshow - @rocky_horror_fans on Instagram

Enthusiastic citizen - @eltorcho on Instagram

- David Bennett

- Big photo

- bauhaus (band)

- Ray Manzarek

- andy warhol

- LFW AW17 Nanshy x ROBERTS | WOOD

- Hamlet

Having limited shooting opportunities during lockdown, I’ve been revisiting past pictures. Found this one tonight that I really like yet I don’t think I have shared to date. This is a shot of Anteros, backstage at the Norwich Waterfront in 2018. This was pre-show. The band were being interviewed when Laura’s dog Freda took a liking to the interviewer. @anterosofficial . #anteros #anterosband #music #musicians #musicphotography #musicphotographer #documentary #documentaryphotography #documentaryphotographer #livemusic #livemusicphotography #backstage #rocknroll #tourphotography #tourphotographer #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #lensculture #lensculturediscovery #featureshoot #bestmusicshots #bestmusicshot #bnw #monochrome #monochromephotography #bnwmusic b - @simonleephotos on Instagram

- Scenes From Movies

So good to be back at the magical Red Rocks! Wye Oak 20.00 BH 21.00 - @benhoward_ on Instagram

- Groupes punk rock

- Collision Theory Moodboard

- Shutter speed examples

- Music Aesthetic

- Losing Faith

- Lise Sarfati

Feeling this one because there’s a serious Sears portrait vibe happening with @dialmformorgan and @fallonbowman. #kittie #spit #searsportrait #tbt #throwback #oldschool #numetal #2000s - @officialkittie on Instagram

- Halestorm

- Ian Curtis, Joy Division at The Hope and Anchor, Islington , 27th December 1978

- Debbie Harry

- Emergency Lighting

- Claire Boucher

- Buy watch

- I miss you alrEddie

2020 is tinted - @samsmcgrath on Instagram

- Anton Corbijn

#TRIPLEAXE Photos by @koheisuzukiphoto - @masato_coldrain on Instagram

- The Clash aka The Only Band That Matters (1979)

- Rapper wallpaper

- album; gw: hesitant alien

call someone 📸 : @bidolzz #berANALOGi - @beranalogi on Instagram

You can now watch @j.zunz new video Four Women and Darkness. WATCH: Super thanks to my amazing friends (sister included!) @maniqg , @gordamamona , @nona____nada and @anareptiliana for performing and sharing their darkness in the video. I love you all. Special thanks to @johnny_o_rocket for putting it together. This song is part of my upcoming album Hibiscus which you can now pre-order via @rocket_recordings here: ⠀⠀⠀ xx ⠀⠀⠀ Lore - @obsoletelorelle on Instagram

- alison mosshart

- St Vincent Annie Clark

- Ji yong

- Dolores

- Billy Wirth

- Black / Dark

- black box movie board

Hace 84 años 👵🏻 con @alejandrosergi y @000gabi000 #fbf - @ludomorell on Instagram

- Jerry Only

- David Bowie by Brian Ward

- joji

Dr Sure @drsuresunusualpractice . . . #35mm #filmnoirphotography #tmax400 #tmax400pushedto1600 #photocinematic #melbournemusic #musicvideo #musicphotography #blackandwhite #bnwphotography #filmphotography #madewithkodak #filmisnotdead #monsterchildren #stayclose #portraitphotography #analogueportraits - @charlie.wyk on Instagram

- Name our band

- Career News and Advice for Engineers

- @_free.insta_.followers__ on Instagram

- Heathers the Musical

- About Me

- all that jazz


- Tech T Shirts

- Portmanteau

- Costumes by Eiko Ishioka


- Camera

My design contribution for @nibble_creations Elevator Pitch guitar pedal - @arnaupi on Instagram

- Damned, Damned, Damned

- An often overlooked cyberpunk film -- Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future

- 1947 Made in New York KODAK Flash Bantam Camera for $5.

🌼 Hermosa Espalda 🌼 @theonlykrriti #portrait #selfportrait #portraitphotography #monochrome #blackandwhite #iger #monochromatic #sexy #hottopic #bold #body #fitness #lightandshadow #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #photooftheday #igersbnw #fineartphotography #instagood #fineartphotography #vogueitalia #vogueindia #vouge #naturallight #bnw #likeforlikes #follow4followback #theonlykrriti #beautiful #theonlykrriti - @theonlykrriti on Instagram

- AR book

- Aideu

- fiestaaaa

- In Green Street (2005), in the hospital scene, Bovver is igniting his lighter, signifying reflection (at what he did). Meanwhile, Pete is trying to put two halves of a styrofoam cup back together, signifying his struggle to keep the GSE together after they find out Matt studied journalism.

Algún día seré como las chicas de Godard. Foto @s.lukaslotti - @mantislareligiosa on Instagram

- Image sequence

- Green day xoxo

- Hacking Terminology

- City aesthetic

- Plus 5

- Jeff Buckley

- The Clash 1979: Mick Jones Les Paul Heart Attack Machine


- 80-89

- Concert Photography (My work)

- 007 IRK Masters Collection

- hmmm


- Singer and actress Yma Sumac in the recording studio, 1950

- Black And White

- Annie Leibovitz

- Being Mad Visuals

- Root your phone

Self portrait I made with a pinhole camera - @kamrynfriedrich on Instagram

- Cerys Matthews

- photoshop from my internship [oc]

- Alex james blur

Few weeks ago venturing with @weirdhours for @bringmusichome - @this_is_gomez on Instagram

- Robert longo

Repost @cameraviking SWIT PB-S220S battery, 220Wh with 4x Dtap, 1x USB, LCD display remaining time. 6A super fast charging, 3.5 hours from 0 to 100%. #switbattery #sonycamera #sonyvenice #cinealta #cinematographer #camerasetup #filmmaker #cameraoperator #cinerental #filmrental #cameradepartment - @swit_global on Instagram

- Artists Lair

- 80s - music

- Amy winehouse

The date behind World Photo Day originates from the invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic process developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837. On January 9, 1839, The French Academy of Sciences announced the daguerreotype proces WISH YOU A HAPPY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHERS DAY....📷📸📷📸📷📸 - @vijayawada_photographers on Instagram

Yerrrrrrr - @hamesjernandez on Instagram

- Detective Agency

1992 // 2010 ❤️ #DamonAlbarn #Blur #Gorillaz #YoungAndLovely #Throwback - @damonalbarnfansclub on Instagram

Does anyone know the credits to this photo? #thesistersofmercy #andreweldritch #waynehussey - @thesistersofmercy_fanpage on Instagram

Another shot of our cover editorial “New Ones” Creative direction @gabrielasplendore Art direction & photography @mar_______vin Styling @maikamano Makeup & Hair @silviogiorgio Set design @joao_arpi Models @lorenamaraschi & @scarlopeez At @waymodel @yngridferreira1 at @rockmgt & @iamyasminmorais at @primemgmt Executive Producer @ju.foonseca . #coverstory #bestoftheday #independentmagazine #newissue #imaginingthefuture - @gabrielasplendore on Instagram

- Bands & Artists

- chage and aska

- Cursed_themetalicone

- The boy next door.

Michelle Salamone – March 21,1975 to May 5, 2013. Forever 38. She was my first born of three children, she was an Harm Reduction advocate in south Philly and a tattoo artist. We miss you, Mom, Patrice, Renee and Kyra. - @overdosetribute on Instagram

- Camera Aesthetic

Year 1600 #arri #435xtreme #filmphotography #kodak #1ac - @alexander_cristofoli on Instagram

- Best Vlogging Cameras

- olympus trip

Vogue Italia September issue - @ja_tawn on Instagram

- B&W

Prison break . . . #utrecht #netherlands #prisonbreak #dark #shadowhunters #shadow #light - @mario.sestak on Instagram

- Favourite Movies

- Amy winehouse art


- Van Halen girls c.1985

- objects

17 August 2007. My very first picture with an aeroplane. After my first flight sortie in George,Southafrica in cape flying services. I got into the airplane, in the left seat, and put on my headphone and I could hear air traffic control instructions,I thought I was in a movie! My instructor - dale Williams, let me say “ cleared for take- off” on the RT. lifting off the runway and watching the world go by, sea to the right and mountains to the my left. “It was an exhilarating experience” Flew the Cessna- 152 but I really felt like I was flying the Boeing 747. After I landed I knew I found my niche. There are a few moments in life that are truly memorable. For most pilots, the first flight lesson and first solo will be cemented within memory for a lifetime | | | | | | | | | | | | | ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #plane #airbus #pilotlife #fly #megaplane #emirates #aviationgeek #aviation #aviationlovers #flight #mumbai #travel #instagramaviation #aircraft #airlines #planespotting #airport #aviationdaily #crewlife #cessna #planes #flying #sky #aviationphotography #instaaviation #a #instaplane #beautiful #avgeek #airplane - @capt_pradeepkrishnan on Instagram

- joji

- Lingua Franca

- Paul McCartney selfie in 1959.

- Capture the moment

When the night steals the day. #GlamourSpain #March - @iman_de_nevera on Instagram

Every September at Hang The DJ we do a Depeche Mode In Focus night so Ive decided to do a full Depeche Mode set for my special Tuesday outing this week instead. Join me at 8 PM on Twitch tomorrow night for 3 hours of one of the all time greats... Depeche Mode from the early days to the present and everything in between. See you then! #depechemode #davegahan #martingore #andyfletcher #alanwilder #dickensyyc #goingunderground #twitch #twitchstreamer - @dickensyyc on Instagram

- britpop

Since the age of 15, I have predominantly used myself as the model for my work. Through this singular practice and over the course of four decades, I have explored the transitory nature of change and impermanence, themes that offer a framework to consider personal and universal aspects of the female experience.- Vicky Garden Viky Garden is the winner of the Alternative Processes category, in the Single Image, Professional section of the 15th Pollux Awards. © Viky Garden @vikygarden - @fotonostrum on Instagram

- Ringo Starr selfie

- Black / White

- Peter Dinklage singing in his punk-funk band Whizzy in the 90s

- Belinda Carlisle & Jane Wiedlin performing at a dive bar before the Go-Gos became one of the most iconic groups of the 80s.

- Alkaline Trio

- Ian Curtis of Joy Division on stage. Photo credit: Kevin Cummins

- Self portrait, April 2020 [ Rolleicord V // Fujichrome Provia 100F ]

- Megan White

- Amelie

- -buzz-

- Kurt Cobain Grunge Fashion Inspiration

- Andy Warhol

- † Depeche Inspo †

- blur

- Mazzy Star

- 1980s: part 1 in a series: Ill never be as cool as my parents

- Nirvana

- Its official. Hipsters are invading Grindr.

- time based

- // Grunge //

- Arón Piper

Yes, John. Thank you, John. #johnlennon #tlr #rolleiflex - @120lovefilm on Instagram

London, England, 2019⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #StreetShot #IG_Street #StreetShooter #StreetLife #StreetGrammer #UrbanPhotography #StreetVision #UrbanAisle #StreetTogether #StreetLeaks #ASPFeatures #In_Public_Sp #LensOnStreets #CaptureStreets #FromStreetsWithLove #Street_Photo_Club #UrbanShot #StreetView #LensCultureStreets #StoryOfTheStreet #KodakTrix400 #KodakProfessional #35mm #Monochrome #BW_Society #InstaBlackAndWhite #AnalogClub #FilmCommunity #analogshooters - @haseniendousery on Instagram

- Science Fiction

- BEKs.

🇬🇧WEIRD TUME OF LIFE VIRTUAL TOUR IS COMING🖤pre order album before THURSDAY 9:30AM(bst), to recive access to pre sale happening on THURDAY 1 pm (bst). General on sale FRIDAY 5pm (bst)🖤 🇪🇸🖤WEIRD TUME OF LIFE VIRTUAL TOUR IS COMING🖤pide álbum antes del JUEVES 9:30 AM (bst), para recibir acceso a la preventa que tendrá lugar el JUEVES 1 pm (bst). Venta general VIERNES 5pm (bst) 🖤 • • • #yungblud #london #manchester #paris #amsterdam #newyork #chicago #losangeles #sydney #tour - @yungbludspainbhc on Instagram

- White image

- Tegan and Sara

thank you to everyone who came out on Friday, that was something else. Incredible shot by: @cinesigil - @body.img on Instagram

- Brümäre

- Forensic Psych

- 70s punk

- Band Poster

- Private

- 60s

- reportage photography

- Musica

- Great Images

- all yours

- Depersonalization

- WhatsApp group

- Frerard

- People with Cameras

- Earwigs

- Black & white portrait

- Beatles!!!

- Camera magic...

- 1980s hairstyles

Professional Photographer Leica M240P Leica APO-Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH #latexmodel #latex #latexsuit #latexhood #blacklatex #latexgloves #látex #latexgirl #latexfashion #latexpants #latexgirls #latexphotography #latexbeauty #latexmodels #hkphotography #hkphotographer #hongkongphotography #香港攝影師 #香港攝影 #寫真 #人像寫真 #個人寫真 #人像拍攝 #人像攝影 #模特兒 #形象照 #形象 #人像摄影 #約拍 #私拍 - @photo__michael_chung on Instagram

- Sell ipad

- A young Simon Pegg preparing a camera for a project in late 1980s

- Charlie Watts

El 27 de julio de 2001 fue la primera vez que el público vio un show de Miranda!, la banda que cambió mi vida. Pasaron 19 años, muchísimas canciones, shows e historias. Para mí es una alegría muy grande poder compartir nuestra música y recibir tantas satisfacciones. La pasión por lo que hacemos sigue intacta. Gracias a mi compañera de aventuras @julianagattas y a todxs lxs que nos apoyaron en esta mágica aventura. - @alejandrosergi on Instagram