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- 21 Jump Street!


❂ starsunrises

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- JD knows whats up


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- Explain that logic?


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- Creed

Who Hurt You?

Avatar đôi hài hước

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- When I ask my students in music class to copy a rhythm pattern and then they just sit there


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- Bones

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bad buddy

- Big Bang Theory

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- All tym fav shows..!!!


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- Stilinski #24


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- You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!



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- Modern Family

heartstopper!! Follow? What do you think? comment? Like? Respect for 🏳️‍🌈 Love all guys❤❤

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- Big-Bang Theory

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- He almost beat me!

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- College, Fluffed & Folded


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- Jake Peralta owns “Title of my/your sextape.” HE OWNS IT!

Bad Buddy Series ep 7

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ohm pawat bad buddy theseries

Thank you @cw_supernatural for having me Season 6 and again season 14 finale. Vancouver actors and I’m sure the entire fan base can’t thank you enough for the memories! - @ttravisturner on Instagram

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- Supernatural jokes



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- When I say something fantastically funny, and Im the only one laughing.

Pondphuwin as morkpii.

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- Friend Memes

Picture memes QMRDxR867 — iFunny

Nanon 3

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- Funny zoo lander

𐀔 ◞ 𝕺𝖍𝖒𝖓𝖆𝖓𝖔𝖓 ᥫ᭡

bad buddy

- Owen Wilson Movies


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- Big Bang

Summer and Nanon

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- Psych, always giving us the hard truths


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- Dead Poets Society

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- Awesomeness

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- Damn, I wish Abed was Batman

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- Modern Family Quotes

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- Even his shadow!

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- Arrowverse

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- MR to my wife after my 1 year old lays a super stinky poop in his diaper but I have to go to work.

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- Dwight Schrute Quotes

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- Why wouldnt it be?

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- When you just trying to impress a lesbian actress but no one understands you

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- 13 Reasons Why

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- Amy Acker

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- 2 0 2 0

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- Friends episodes!!

good morning my love kiss

- Sherlock

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- iCarly & Sam and Cat

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- Keep calm and call the Winchesters

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- Ive got a conversation to have with my university...

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- Boy Meets World

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- The government making sure I’m respecting the shelter-in-place order

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- Title

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- Big Bang Theory

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- Me going through my parents divorce

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- cod memes

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- Yes, Enrique, okay, I get you!

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- Secret vote! Everyone cover your eyes.

bad buddy ohm pat

- The first time Jim looked at the camera

- Supernatural

- wise words from MG Scott

- Anglophilia At Its Best

- Hannibal funny

- captions

- Zodiac Killer

- Film and TV

- Jeff is just too likeable

- Michael Scott

- Disney lines

- Awesome TV

- Funny

- F•R•I•E•N•D•S

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Best line and delivery to date.

- Bert Macklin has the best code names

- Rafael barba

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine template.

- Poor Joey

- Bad Wolf [Doctor Who]

- Big Bang Theory

- American Horror Story Series

- Grant gustin

- My favourite line and it’s turns out it was improvised! This is my favourite show!

- Big bang theory funny

- Doctor Who

- Best of TBBT and Young Sheldon

- 30 Rock

- Coronavirus spreads in Wuhan, China (2020)

- Community memes

- Aaron Tveit

- Friends

- This Ryosuke Takahashi mug

- The blacklist quotes

- big bang theory

- My childhood

- Community

- Funny Nursing Quotes

- House, MD Quotes

- Jim Halpert

- Introvert activities

- Coffee

- Best friends quotes

- Me_irl

- Big bang theory

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Breaking the fourth wall,noice

- A Walk in the Clouds

- I would’ve LOVED to see the early encounters between young Dwight and Jim.

- When someone says I’m addicted to watching b99

- Madea meme

- TV Show Life

- How it should have happened

- Big Bang!

- Buffy the vampire slayer

- Buffy Episodes

- Films - Gay Themed

- Funniest TV Shows!

- Just Breathe

- All About Sheldon

- Big Bang Theory Geekdom

- Troy finds something he shouldnt!

- Funny crying

- Loved when Captain Holt pulled the gay card


- smallville quotes

- This is the truth

- Boy meets existentialism

- This is risky, like my texts to my crush.

- Chris Tucker

- divergent

- We may never see a more flawless recasting addressed in the MCU

- Brooklyn nine nine funny

- Pizza by Alfredo or Alfredos Pizza

- What a dick

- Dwight Schrute

- This is what happens in real life when I try to be funny

- F•R•I•E•N•D•S

- 3rd rock

- Dwight K Schrute

- Be like Calvin

- Why dont you go start a ruiners club?

- Deran and Adrian

- Funniness

- Harry potter pin

- Strong focus on what I want.

- 1941 When the US cuts off Oil to Japan in retaliation of Japan’s aggression

- F.R.I.E.N.D.S

- HELL WILL BE MY NAME................

- New Girl

- Amor simon

- Andrew Bernard

- doctor who

- Greys Anatomy Quotes

- JW Humor

- Riding the bus in the morning as a teenage boy.

- Angela

- Ahhh, back in the old days

- Brooklyn nine nine

- The Walking Dead x Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

- 21 jump street

- I Dont Have Friends

- Talk about an epic gamer moment, amirite?

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- ... and thats how i met your mother

- books

- comfort zone memes


- Michael Scott quotes

- The Office Merch

- George romero

- Big Bang Theory

- Across The Universe

- Makeup Jokes!!!

- Oh! Crime Kaylee. (Firefly)

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Jean Ralphio Saperstein

- Fake Psychic, Real Detectives.

- Big Bang Theory :)

- fashion and style

- You dont have all the facts.

- President Trumps annual medical checkup (2019)

- MR.Robot

- All of my friends

- school funnies

- Dylan O.

- The awkwardness of teaching small talk to my students

- I really wish they did more with Nate. His brand of comedy was so refreshing for the series.

- Dean Winchester imagines

- all things 90s

- Big Bang stuff

- Best Movies

- Joey and Phoebe

- The Office Merch

- my favorite cringiest michael moment

- British

- Criminal minds cast

- Sam true blood

- Best archer quotes

- Big Bang Theory

- Quarantine be like

- Master Scotts big advises to his padawan

- Wait for it ... Psych!

- Friends

- Big Bang Theory

- Favorite Fictional Characters

- Actors

- Mtv shows

- I hope this shows up at a halfway decent resolution but this was probably one of my favorite episodes of The Office (Season 5, Episode 13)

- Arrow

- Favourite Friendships

- Tf he doin?😳

- Buffy

- All Things Merlin

- There’s no time!

- love memes funny

- Glenn Quinn

- Dr Who


- Happy Halloween from the UK!

- Walking Dad Jokes

- Friday Night Lights

- A walk to remember ❤️

- funny section

- blursed_vengeance

- Psych t shirt

- 13 reasons why quotes sad

- **office theme song**

- Steven Moffat

- All hail the king

- Southern Sweet Tea

- Sheldon Cooper Quotes

- Angel

- If y’all want a show where characters learn intense information and you actually get to witness their reactions in a satisfying manner.

- Big Bang Theory

- Funny Movie Memes

- Junior Year

- Chemical Engineering

- I Know You Know...

- Diabetes Jokes

- House jokes

- big bang theory

- Drake and josh

- Best office episodes

- Doctor Who

- 30 Rock

- Big Bang theory

- American cinema

- Teen wolf Quotes

- Always go with a classic

- Hank missed so many clues

- Now Jeff’s speaking my Changuage.


- Schrute Bucks

- maze runner &maze runner funny/Dylan OBrien

- Funny TV Quotes

- Scrubs tv shows

- Big bang theory

- Captain Jack Harkness

- Community

- Boy meets world

- Plot Twist

- Glee

- bones memes

- 2 Much TV

- Best of British Comedy

- funny spanish memes

- art

- Lenard snart


- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- The final installment to my background trilogy, my gift to one of the most loyal and passionate fan bases out there

- Friends quotes tv show

- Comedy

- Cool Memes

- I was watching The Office, when...

- Tv show house

- I love Andy Samberg

- Tyler teen wolf

- Weve got a cop killer

- Fake Psychic, Real Detectives.

- funny memes

- Criminal Minds

- Sea of monsters

- F•R•I•E•N•D•S

- A Psych Board

- broadchurch

- Me when somebody tells me that Community is not a good show.

- Finn Hudson

- Wait for it ... Psych!

- Favorite Movies and Scenes!

- big bang theory

- cast 13

- Big Bang Theory

- Laugh A Lot

- Scrubs

- “Surf dudes with attitudes...”

- Sassy Harry Potter

- B99

- Hands down the most underrated moment of the show

- me irl

- Boy meets world

- Psych movie

- Friends episodes!!

- Big bang theory funny

- Boy Meets World

- :)funny

- Sorry for the quality not being great I made this meme on sketchbook

- Nick TV shows

- Community 3