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My wife

katarina flatland dancing hype energetic dancer

- Quotes


i completely agree mahnoosh the one that got away i totally agree i agree with that

- You could say Im keto.


if you do I’ll love you forever

yeah of course for sure yes mhmm

- Someone Gets It!

«Pavilion Vector» Art Print by Dan Mountford - Limited Edition from $29.9 | Curioos

i am so in agreement with that shea whitney agree thats right true

- 2meirl4meirl

agreement agree yes expination based

- Woah there...

૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა

abbott elementary yep yes thats right youre right

- Womens Heartbeat Law

It prolly would have looked the prettiest

bbp fisch surstr%C3%B6mming stinken ekelig

- This really resonated with me

Lovers • Pfps • Nitro • Banners

absolutely yes shea whitney yes for sure definitely agree with that needless to say

- Country

The daengnyang school tragedy is neverending fr

dat dance

- Pretzel


i agree sara moln%C3%A1r fbi international i agree with you youre absolutely right

- Thats some dirty low life B.S.

dark chocolate tastes like absolute DOOKIE

For those Crazy Fans 3

kirby kirby line sticker %E6%98%9F%E3%81%AE%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%93%E3%82%A3 %E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%93%E3%82%A3 kirby i agree

- Best lines for life


right agree can more totally

- Haha!!!!

respectfully, fuck you 3


lets agree simply nailogical say yes deal reach an agreement

- Found this on the Jordan Peterson sub

“omg you look like sasuke🥺” STFU

i completely agree i agree agree thanos thanos talk

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o k ok button gotcha approve agreement

And this is why Im not too hard on my kids cuz yeah... if they up at 3 am, who fuckin cares. If they are acting a fool, this is probably why. Give your kids a fucking break dude. - @twinliciouz on Instagram

Give this man a medal

i completely agree barbie poppy gilbert stay close i totally agree

You have a voice for a reason. It’s powerful and strong, so don’t be afraid to use it. 💥⁣⁣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ via @michelleobama @womenofimpact - @womenhood on Instagram

idk how to feel about brett..

truemose mose approval yes yup

- Bruh

Can we please stop sexualizing genderbend characters

i totally agree liam scott edwards ace trainer liam youre right agree with you

Keep pushing 💪💪 Good morning 🌞 everyone Wishing you a blessed day ahead 💋💋 - @trends_booth on Instagram

Fun & Inspiring Archives - Page 11 of 190 - Tiny Buddha

The title was how to make him obsessed with you 💀

agreed green exclamation lines around agreed in red bubble letters yup same i agree

- Bidens not senile, he has to focus harder

I also wish she had more personality it really is a shame

Mine, dont repost

agree with that stephen farrelly celtic warrior workouts i agree with you i completely agree

Can’t live with them, can’t live without em 🤷🏽‍♀️ - @buzzfeedparents on Instagram

I also wish she had more personality it really is a shame

you are correct the coon eric cartman south park s14e13

- Humping a Humpback Whale

Mahershala Alis GQ Profile Is An Absolute Delight, And Twitter Agrees

wishgifz gifz zgif zgifs def

- An interesting title

tony talks iamtonytalks mm hmm yeah sure

- Imagine being sick enough to murder an old schizophrenic man


completely agree caleb sullivan smite i fully agree i totally agree

- Aye well is he?

He is such a sweetheart

yes thumbs up okay yeah totally

- @cscplans on Instagram

i agree with you a hundred percent john finch finchcaster smite i totally agree

- Will you fight or will you perish like a dog?

jefcaine halive2022 yes yeah sure

- I found this today. Felt like this was the perfect place to share. We all need some healing

the book of pooh pooh i quite agree quite agree agree

- @deniseisismiller on Instagram

yep yes bark i agree yallet

- Brexit Analogy

completely agree cyno smite absolutely agree totally agree

- me_irl

exactly right correct agree maddieandtae

- 4 step sisters

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- Thats the tea everybody

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- Good idea

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Thats a WAP... 👀 - @cloud10beauty on Instagram

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- It’s twitter but still

yes agree

- wHAt

yeah yes absolutely for sure correct

- Then why are you making us think like you, TP USA? Checkmate.

agree absolutely agree somewhat agree

- Funny how nobody in their right mind would take the drug Trump recommended. Not even Trump himself.

tony talks iamtonytalks totally it is what it is i agree

- Nature or nurture?

uh hu nodding kitty dinah alice in wonderland

- This right here tho

clapping go girl holly logan agree yes

- Im making terrible choices too

sports si i agree affirmative ok

- Little Women ass immune system

totally sabi mehboob sort of yes i agree

- 2meirl4meirl

you got that right you are right thats right absolutely right point

- Perfect

yes violet benson yeah totally i agree

- Mad hacker

i completely agree blazybard robbie trickett smite agree

- Don’t worry, America. Mike Pence is on the case.

yes speaker phone agreed agreeance yeah

If you needed motivation to take action this week, just look up what you paid in taxes last year and remind yourself the criminal in the White House paid ZERO in 10 out of the last 15 years 🤬 - @rallyandrise on Instagram

geico excellent point agree

- My bf is an ANGEL with doing stuff he doesnt want to when Im sick.

yes david williams britains got talent absolutely yeah

- Navarro

shreyaghoshal yes itotallyagree

- 2meirl4meirl

yup violet benson nod agree totally

- Whatever floats your boat

yes yep aw restaurants aw restaurant rooty

- Shhhh!

totally absolutely thats right definitely agreed

- She said he also used staples instead of stitches in her scalp so they wouldn’t cut her hair when they were cutting out the stitches 🥺

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- unpopular opinion

yes alexis rose alexis annie murphy schitts creek

- I dont have any ideia for title

the morning breath agree yes i totally agree

- Reddit needs to hear this.

i do mark grayson invincible amazon prime video agreed

- Madlad Husband Destroys Wife Through PowerPoint

i completely agree agree agreed i agree serious

- anti trump signs

same totally 80s yes i agree

- Track and Field Spikes

i could not agree more totally agree i agree absolutely right i couldnt agree more

- meirl

um yes love it obsessed absolutely approve

- Just curious where Twitter stands on people advocating crime on their platform.

i completely agree carey mulligan saturday night live totally agree thats true

- Donald Trump Campaign Rallies to the White House 2016

i know right sam gorski corridor crew precisely totally agreed

- What?

youareright absolutely right oprah approval

- Truth

jefcaine halive2022 yes yeah sure

- Sell these people some scissors please.

i am totally with you neil degrasse tyson startalk i fully understand you i totally agree

- Coming soon to Netflix

arielnwilson halive2022 yes fuck yeah exactly

- @cat_popper on Instagram

yep yes of course yas

- Above all, apparently we all need to get into cosmetics

of course for sure agree yes absolutely

- Whats next?

i absolutely agree miranda payne house of payne i couldnt disagree more i totally agree

- Gia and Naomi were the fierce duo I didn’t know I needed until now ❤️

for real pink line below for real in purple and blue bubble letters beside yellow stars seriously i know right yeah

- Text message quotes

absolutely alexandra breckenridge melinda monroe virgin river im all in

- Vampire Rules 101

absolutely of course nod yup agree

- college

greys anatomy callie torres ahh i totally agree i totally agree agree

- there are more important things to worry about

rascal the raccoon exactly yup yes right

- Simple love quotes

totally agree with you totally agree i totally agree i completely agree brooklyn99

Can’t argue with God 😂 . . . . . . . #Vegan #Veganism #Veganism #VeganAF #PlantBased #Vegano #VeganLife #VeganLifestyle #VeganHumour #PLANTBASED #VeganForTheAnimals #VeganAF #VeganBanter #VeganCommunity #VeganVibes #VeganMemes #VeganShare #Vegans #VeganLove #VeganPower #vegansofig #AnimalWelfare #ClimateChange #Environment - @vgnnews on Instagram

yeah of course andrew baena sure i agree totally agree

- Different views

100percent agree to that madi benge n3rdy bird esports college career and pathways estv

- Who were fighting for

yes ray butani ray schitts creek yup

- Some wholesome content for your morning 😭

alf youre absolutely right you are right youre not wrong youre right

- When you finally decide to speak but no one listens

yes bradley hall absolutely yeah agree

- eh..

greys anatomy april kepner totally agree agree i totally agree

- [Image] It’s never too late to start.

totally bustle yes agree right

- it just sounds better

a thousand percent jill zarin rhony real housewives real housewives of new york

- [SLPT] Save money on funerals with this one simple trick!

yes yup agree absolutely uh huh

- The beginning of a Feminist Coven

100agree paul mc gee team aps 100percent agree thats right

- Religion is for fools and the easily fooled

absolutely yeah for sure nodding yes

- I thought this was complimenting white people at first, but reading the comments I guess it’s bad, Because it “enables racism”.. Isn’t racism the OPPOSITE of “niceness”?? What is going on?????

horse as an expert i agree i agree agree horses

- 🇺🇸🤔

sports si i agree affirmative ok

- Cruel prince

i agree with you matty matheson i totally agree uh huh yes

- funnies

youre totally right chris cantada chris cantada force thats true thats correct

- Depression & Anxiety

what she said tracey matney i agree yes yes yes yes

- Forget PrEP boys this is the only sexual health advice you need

sports manias emoji yes si yes yes yes

- 31 The Glow Up

agree i completely agree i absolutely agree 100percent oh100percent

- 2meirl4meirl


- 2meirl4meirl

fawn cartoon nod i totally agree

Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. - RBG 👑 . I don’t really have the words today- but I have this burning desire in my heart to keep working towards what she worked so hard to build. . Thanks @sairarahman for these lovely reminders 🥰 #notoriousrbg #rbg - @jess_ekstrom on Instagram

jancokinaja i agree

- Mine is called Mofo. What about yours?

fully agree with that statement michael kupris become the knight agree entirely with this statement i would certainly agree with that

- 😎

%E6%98%AF %E7%BB%9D%E5%AF%B9 %E6%97%A0%E7%96%91 %E5%BD%93%E7%84%B6 %E7%AE%97%E6%88%91%E4%B8%80%E4%B8%AA

- On Maturing Faster

i couldnt agree more john krasinski saturday night live youre absolutely correct thats right

- True

- When life hands you lemons

- Are you me

- It isnt the same

- Not to be rude but...

We’ve all been there 😭🤦‍♀️* * * Follow @browngirlscommittee for more 🌎❤️ - *Proudly representing the Brown Bad n Boujee✨ * #browngirlscommittee #gorgeous #fab #gorgeous #browngirls #girls #unite #future #female #strong #desi #likeforlike #stunnning #girlpower #pretty #ooft #like #followforfollow #goldenhour #pose #selfie #beauty #beautifulgirls #beautiful #strongwomen #selfcare #followforfollow #beautiful #brown #selfcare #selflove #self #memes #likeforlike - @browngirlscommittee on Instagram

- Great idea.

- Too true

- Imposter syndrome is common in this sub. This helped me I hope it helps you!

- 2meirl4meirl

#REPOST Couldn’t have said it better. • @feministsocialist I saw a tweet the other day that said “Breonna Taylor is closer to being trademarked than she is to receiving justice” and it has really stayed with me. - @jemarmxchael on Instagram

- Friends with (health) benefits.

- [collegiate]

- Got bad news for you, buddy

- Salute to a draft dodger

- Yes please

solidarity with, love for, and deep rage on behalf of Caster Semenya. Sickened by the ruling this week for her personally and for what it represents in regards to the continued legacy of colonial, anti-black, patriarchal, homophobic and transphobic attempts to police and control bodies and minds. - @gray_wielebinski on Instagram

- Et tu, Brute?

- me irl

- Very sound advice indeed

- me_irl

- 2meirl4meirl

- Meirl

- Legalize it federally. And make Mississippi change their flag while you’re at it.

- Oh yes, the ever wise, totally warranted, celebrity advice we all need.

- Precisely

- Quotes & Sayings

- Having money isnt everything but not having any is everything.

💯💯💯 - @xxlesbiangoals__ on Instagram

- Stop the monetization

- Stiff upper lip

- My wife

- Mayyyyybe just one more

- Checkmate, Libtards

My sentiments exactly! 🙌🏻 I refuse to believe the solution to making a friend, family member or acquaintance reduce their meat consumption is through shame and militance. Encouragement and praise through every step of someone’s journey always wins! . . 👉 Follow @fatlosswell for more health and weightloss tips with smoothies.🍉🍌🥦🥝 💁‍♀️ Tag friends who need that 📌 Save to see it again! - @healthy.foods.today on Instagram

- Disturbing

- Wife-beater face?

- New friend quotes

- Amazon recommendations on point

- True

- A very good summary of the hypocrisy of the media....

- Possible

Huh. Interesting. ~S🎹 • • • #refugeeswelcome #dumptrump #intersectionalfeminist #equal #lgbtqia+ #pronounsmatter #diverse #1stamendment #amendment #immigrant #guncontrol #including #corona #covid_19 #socialjustice #intersectionalfeminists #feminism #education #vote #consent #vegan #sustainable #un #islamaphobia #race #usps #feminist #climatechange - @feistyfeminists on Instagram

- Authentic Leadership for Women

- I, a real woman who is black, and 100% african american, like trum! (Btw im a real black woman)

- We all had that suspicion.

- Book Worm

- Very good perspective on how the media spins the death of industries.

- Equal

- Brilliantly articulated.

- Madlad Resident

- Creepy facts

- Trixie speaking the truth about fake merch

- Errands

- 2020

- With all my heart

- Everyone loves exemption months 🙌🏼

- What a difference three days makes

ABORTION BAN 🤮🤮🤮🤮 - @lavliblem on Instagram

- Anyone hyped for Ron Measles: the movie?

- Pretty accurate :/

🧚🏻‍♀️ #spirit #love #spiritual #soul #spirituality #meditation #chakrabalancing #life #peace #energy #spiritualawakening #healing #universe #nature #yoga #mind #inspiration #god #ghost #consciousness #awakening #body #selflove #chakrahealing #psychic #crystals #chakra #mindfulness #light #highchakras - @chakras_healing on Instagram

If you ever have an opportunity to use your #privilege to speak up for people, do that. We almost all have some form of privelege, either because of our age, our gender, our location, our job, our education, etc. Always use it to speak up for people if the situation arises. The migrant families in cages and left in destabilized parts of the world, couldnt speak to millions on their own behalf, to make their case - but I could, so I did. Its challenging working in media because you cant just go off on some unrelated diatribe, as that would be inappropriate. Its a topics driven industry, whether on-air or in print. Thankfully, this was the topic on the table, it was totally appropriate and I had an opportunity to use the facts to speak up for people who were being wronged. Always do that. . . If this isnt my favorite moment on TV so far, its for sure in my top 5. A moment of levity 😄 in an otherwise pretty heated debate about the #border, #immigration, the rights of #AsylumSeekers and the responsibility the #UnitedStates has for the ripple effects of its policies around the world. #FlashbackFriday . . The fact that it made a few headlines is just icing on the cake. 🙃😊 . . I meant to post this yesterday for #ThrowbackThursday... thankfully theres #FBF and #LaterGram. 🙏 . . On Justice w/ @judge_jeanine Pirro on @FoxNews with @stephaniemhamill. | March 30, 2019 | . . #FoxNews #JudgeJeanine #News #Politics #DC #WashingtonDC #TBT #TV #Television #Commentary #PoliticalCommentary #BlackLivesMatter #DailyCaller @DailyCaller #Analysis #Democrats #Republicans #TheWall #BorderWall - @johnnyai on Instagram

😂😂😂#repost @fuck_cardio ••• Unironically this is most people - @americangluttonpodcast on Instagram

- If they were Blacks, They would definitely be called....

- To every smirking pseudo-intellectual bigot out there

- This is terrifying.

- Is it even real??

- Scandinavian police agrees

- 2017

- Donald Trump’s theme song would be called “G.E.B.T.P.”

- How I met your mother

- Get angry, comrades.

- me_irl

- Gay people exist. Its ok for them to be represented.

- Absolutely ridiculous...

- Funny

- It only works if you’re a con artist!

🤯🤯🤯 - @quecholatanrica on Instagram

- Vicky pattison geordie shore

- We all need a Rebecca.

- And thats the truth

- meirl

- Learn your history

- The great debate


- This is America

- Some day

- ... Unless you are a minority, identify as LGBTQ, not a Christian, etc.


- 2meirl4meirl

- Outlast the murderous bastards

- Forever book

- Why are we so erratic?

- A-holes

- Keep dreaming, ladies. 🇺🇸

- Can we please put a stop to casual sexual assault in schools? Thanks.

- Buckies school project ideas

- meirl

- Just. So. Close.

- Our big orange baby,

- Female mma

- How to know youve internalized capitalism...

- Recipe for success

- FedEx. More like FedUp.

- Move along folks nothing to see here

Get started... and just keep going 🙌 - @socialclubcommunity on Instagram

- The most dangerous thing about going vegan...

- Me_irl

- facts

- The Advocate

- “If there was work in the bed, he’d sleep on the floor”

- Seriously

- Im gonna cry

- Doesn’t take much I guess to speak at the RNC

- More divided or more aware of our division?

- Being a woman

- [Image] Cognitive restructuring can be incredibly helpful.

- Is the CIA hiring?

- It’s the reason for the season

- trixie hates drag race stans and she’s not afraid to hide it

- It’s like the system is structured to entrap us to work or something...

- His taxes

- Just imagine

- Put things into perspective

- This is how dumb they sound

- Yeah. Its called conflict of interest. Its kind of a big deal.

- Get over it already

- I came across this just now and couldnt help relating to it, unfortunately.

- Ways to wake up

- What do you guys think of this?

- Big changes can happen when small groups are brave enough to speak out!

- Why do they have to do this

- Hey...you gotta minute?

- Having to deal with customers who act like everything is under your control and your fault.

- Hope this hasn’t been posted yet

- You can make money off Patriotism, you cant make money of DV and Brain Injuries.

- Raise men who stand on their own

- An Unkindness of Ravens

- us vs. them

- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

- How dare the government protect my child from disease?

- Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

- Best way to revise

- Why?

- Books, Quotes, Vibes ✌

- DeAnna’s hobby

- Anxiety

- darienne shares her thoughts on the met gala.

- Men: let me explain to you why you’re wrong about this

Speaking the truth, @ashnb1! This must change, our future is on the line. - @_shethepeople on Instagram

- Help lift everyone up, not just the 1%

- The Italian Joint feeling like The Sopranos

- Since you already made a mistake, let’s double down on it

- 2meirl4meirl

- Wut

#vote #Biden #traderjoes - @jessicarabbit505 on Instagram

- Love that idea...because they love to feel special and get recognized for shit. 😂

- This troll teacher saves lives, one semester at a time.

- What a timeline we are in

- Empowering words

- Apocalypse at home

- 👀

- Coming from twitter

- Women NEVER liked the harassment.

- This has potential.

- Masculinity is not under attack

- Out of office ain’t what it used to be

Tag a friend who would agree. 🙋 - @pipettebaby on Instagram

- Her presence is a present.

- Expecting Sabaton in the comments

- Girls mature faster

- Miesha

- Michelle Obamas message to Chance

- You can set your watch to it!


- Is 6ft7 an absolute unit?

- Cheers!

- Yes. And the high divorce rates are a good thing.

- Amazing women

- You’re already working twice as hard to accomplish the same goals so just do it!

- College is exhausting because its white culture

- fuck fox news

- Candace Owens. Upvote this image so that it’s the first result that pops up when somebody looks up “Candace Owens”.

- Shocked Pikachu Face

Annastacia Palaszczuk or Deb Frecklington. Thats the choice you have to make at this election. Its a choice between a strong Premier who has a real plan for Queenslands economic recovery, or budget cuts from Campbell Newmans former Assistant Treasurer. Its a choice between sticking with a Labor government that listens to the health advice in order to keep Queenslanders safe, or voting for the LNP who will put the wellbeing of everyone at risk solely for political gain. This election matters. On October 31, vote for a stronger and more united Queensland. Vote for Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor. #qldpol #TeamQLD - @markfurnermp on Instagram

- @the_danielnardicio on Instagram

- Best comeback Ive heard in a while

- meirl

- This is the playbook; it’s gonna be a shit show.

- Oprah Quotes

- It’s really hard to decide


- Probably the same person

- even when the sky is gray, miss Roxxxy Andrews always finds a way to make it clear

- african American history

- Our banking system. Just awful.

The last line is important for you to understand. A few days ago I found myself physically exhausted. I rushed home just to lay down because I felt my body about to give up on me. REST IS IMPORTANT!! You’re important enough to not be busy everyday! Entrepreneurship is tough, it takes a toll. TAKE A BREAK AND ENJOY LIFE, FIND YOURSELF, ENJOY LOVE, THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR! - @melbelderjr on Instagram

This is it. - @hanecdote on Instagram

- Dumb Americans

- Slippin