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I only slept four hours last night After a week, this has started to become routine I wake up at 3am No matter what time I went to bed It’s always 3am When I wake up I lie there shaking Wondering what might happen this time Will I hear a bang? Will I see another shadow? Will the things on my bookshelf be displaced? Will I see someone sitting on my window? Will I feel air near my ear? Will I hear someones crying? Will someone pull my legs again? Or whole night I have to suffer with my leg pain ? Will I feel someone lying next to me? Will I again, smell something And, God forbid, will someone touch me? Please tell me Im just overthinking. Don’t look at me Don’t see the dark circles, the bags under my eyes Don’t tell me if you see someone behind me I already know it’s there Dont ask me to listen my heartbeats Its beating in fear I haven’t known peace since it followed me I’ve read my scriptures and prayed I promise, God, I’ve prayed I’ve cried out to God more times than I have in years Despite my years of abuse and trauma I’ve never been so desperate for peace It was different than the touch of a nightmare These nightmares I’ve come to know like an enemy I was not sleeping when I felt it I was not coming out of a dream I was wide awake, and I turned to see who did it I don’t want to know this spirit I don’t want to get used to it I want my nights to be mine again I want dreams that aren’t nightmares and bizarre I want to sleep I just want to sleep God please hug me I want to sleep So deep. By- Smita Gautam ✍️ . . . . . . Tag and share ✨ @iwishyounderstand #writers #igwrites #instapoets #peace - @iwishyounderstand on Instagram

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READ THE CAPTION🥀 Ive learnt that people will forget. More than once, we feared losing someone who was never really ours.🌸 . I hold it for so long. Why? I keep asking this to myself why? . Was it the hope that things will change. Or I kept lying to myself. . If moving on would have been so easy I would have done it a long time ago. I still dont want ur number nor I ask. Coz am scared talking to you will make it worth real. 🌼 I wish I knew when you fell out of love. ❤️ Or you never were. 💬 AND SUDDENLY WE WERE STRANGERS AGAIN💌 #likesforlikesback #writings #writingcommunity #writersoninstagram #actionfigures #action #writingcommunityofig #love #lovequotesforhim #lovequotesforher #hope #mood #breakups #breakupquotes #staysafe #quarantine #stayhome #2020 #loveyou #loveyourself - @writers_stitches on Instagram

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