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- Workout Time

DIWALI OUTFIT IDEAS. #diwali #photoshoot #mirrorselfies #aesthetic

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- The GTX 1650 Super Still Beats Navi Cost Per Frame.

Additri Vanya ❤️ #earrings

Yae Miko Genshin Impact iPhone Homescreen Layout

- Results of Day 1 of the /r/CompetitiveEDH online tournament


matched photos haikyuu

- A friendly reminder to make sure you know what you are buying when coming to home automation and know how to secure your network. Bought some cheap IP Cameras. They love to talk back to China.

Aesthetic instagram filters you neeedd!!!

light academia app icons :)

- Hi guys, its me again. I posted yesterday the strawpoll about your age (link in comments). Its been 24 hours, and here are the results so far.

Fourtuner Top 🔥🔥🥰

Aestetik and Cute🍄

- TIL over a 6 year span from 07-12, Wes Welker had 672 receptions. The best 6 year stretch ever in terms of receptions.


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- Twice occupies the top 11 positions on Line Music Top 100

runaway aurora!

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- College board physics assessment...

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foto compartida :v

- Back to 1 million!

Late Night Vibes


- NASCAR Team Standings post-Darlington

instagram filters you need to save like right now part4

Instagram Filters

- Cantonese Language

10 Great Apps to Edit Your Videos

i love cururu

- Football Daily


والپیپر ست

There’s something beautiful about the shape of a hard earned royal flush progressive pace run. Good to be back on it. #royalflush #marathontalk #running - @martinyelling on Instagram


the fish just straight vibin

- All the freaking time - I swear it must be intentional

insta filters you want and need

bagus poll deh apa sih gak buat kamu (Indonesia)

- Clean sheet probability GW10

must have instagram filters part5

Just a little dancing gon for you

- [OC] Monopoly Classic - Simplified strategy table v2.0


- Cena vs. Reigns: Tale of the Tape



- Around the kitchen

Flower 🌸

Nomes de imagens 3

- A día de hoy, México es el lugar número 143 del mundo en el número de pruebas hechas por millón de habitantes. Fuente Worldmeters.

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- Clean sheet probability GW9

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- Marketing Training

Fourtuner Night out ❤️

Anime chill sad aesthetic video wallpaper. Name: blind girl. Artist:popopoka in Twitter

- Wedding Budget Spreadsheet


This your mans? 🤨

- Bubble numbers

instagram filters you want and need


- The eleven days referred to here are the ‘lost’ 11 days of September 1752, skipped when Britain changed over from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, bringing Britain into line with most of Europe.



- College costs

- Longest Reigning Monarchs [OC]

- Clean sheet probability GW3

- Computer

- Range shooter

- Who will become the TOP-1 of the HLTV.ORG rating in 2020? In the current situation when players are forced to play online, ZywOo seems to have more chances. What do you guys think?

Smooth Jazz TOP 20 countdown... on Black Planet Radio this week.. Libeccio Is in there, from my last album COLORS... Thanks so much to support and appreciate my music... This and much more music You can find in my website www.robertotola.com or wherever the music is sold... downloadmusic #buymusic #2x1 #twoforone #robertotola #robertotola #newmusic #occasionshopping #bestaffairs #amazingshopping #gift #bestoffer #loveshopping #musiccollection #smoothjazz #funk #latinjazz #bossanova #salsa #bomeas #Jazz #jazzradio #SupportTheArtists #SupportTheArts #libeccio - @robertotolajazz on Instagram

- Bass clef notes

- Balwarte ng mga Traydor

- My kids bingo card has two 29s on it

- Body wise stuff

- Customer experience

- Finally broke 100! Playing for 6 months, a previous low of 100 once, and one golf lesson later.. what a feeling! *played the back 9 first*.

- Build a Mobile Website in 2018

- I had a very rough time while sitting in this taxi

- My school calendar came in but it’s not exactly discernible

- Cheer

- Baby Stuff

- [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - June 14, 2020 - FONTAINES D.C. land their first #1 with I Dont Belong. GORILLAZ, LEON BRIDGES, SHAMIR, MICHAEL STIPE & BIG RED MACHINE, BULLY, and DIRTY PROJECTORS all enter the chart in the top 10.

- Compound is about to dispute Maker long time Dominance of DeFi... While Defi Total Value Locked reaches a new ATH... Interesting times were living in DeFi right now😎

- This desk calendar has cancelled Halloween

- Greatsword power: raw/element comparison

- North Carolina, here are your wind holds.

Performa dari RTX 3080. Power consumptionnya gila sih (foto terakhir). Yang upgrade ke Nvidia 3000 series dijamin harus upgrade PSU juga 🙈 . Credit https://www.youtube.com/user/GamersNexus . . . . . . . . . #intel #rtx2080ti #nvidia #sleeperpc #computersetup #gamingsetup #gamingtower #pcbuild #minimalsetup #retrogamer #pcbuilds #pcbuilders #pcmasterrace #setupwars #overclock #overclocking #gtx1080ti #watercooling #customloop #i9 #ekwaterblock #thermaltake #asus #threadripper #primochill #rtx3080 #rtx3090 #rtx3070 #timelapse - @logilatekno on Instagram

- Which EU countries actually took in refugees in decent numbers during the quota relocation scheme and which did not?

- Englands UEFA Coefficient Broken Down by Teams

- Baby Schühchen und Strümpfchen

- Food

- Rule of 72

- Shout-out to r/FFs own /u/FTAKJ on being ranked #1 in FantasyPros Season to date Accuracy!

- Exercise and Weight

- Betty Boop

- August 2018 Calendar With Holidays

Solid week at the Texas Junior Am. Shooting 78-70-67 and a T9 finish - @prestonstout_golf on Instagram

How does this list help you in your trading? What does it change for you every day? If you dont have STT, check out the 14 day trial to see exactly why so many people call it a must have ----- link in bio - @stockstotrade on Instagram

- Baking

- Fixed matches

- The Cancer of Avast

- Highest Grossing Concert Tours [OC]

- Listen up, EA. This is why we dont like you.

- Largest land clump in a well-randomized deck

- My favorite new feature for Pokemon XY

- @yabosport on Instagram

- With a single case of Corona, the Vatican is the 6th country with most cases per 1M population

- Calendars

- Gucci t shirt mens

- Weight chart for men

- Mané when he signed for Liverpool vs. Jota

- Apparently it is just as dangerous to be a pedestrian as it is a motorcyclist.


- I created a improved comparsion between AMDs new Ryzen 3000 CPUs with Intel CPUs

- All things Apple

- Finalized RAM frequency and timings for 3900X - results in screenshot

- Worlds longest website

- Didnt know i used my phones calculator back then

- Net migration trend by age in London, 2011 to 2016, based on ONS migration data. Net outflows from London hit a record in 2016, more than double the outflows in 2011. Note the ages where the deviation happens.

- I was researching “suitcase” Jake Elder and I saw on MANY Occasions he was credited as being the crew Chief on two different cars. Does anyone have more information on this? I believe it back in the 60s but for him to be the crew chief for both Davey Allison and Rob Moroso in 1990 I doubt.

- I used to keep a spreadsheet of my approval ratings (which was just the road throughput rating) and trying to be re-elected, or else my friend would take over the save

- Usually, when you download a torrent, it has a low share count. Meaning, you download from other peoples computers mostly from one country. But when you download the hottest torrent of [current year], you connect to people all over the world. And I think thats pretty neat.

- Lucky Numbers For Lottery

- In Russia, 193 thousand were tested in one day, the largest figure in Europe

- I didnt understand why my lifetime K/D was creeping so slowly towards 1 until I actually calculated my KD for S0/S1.

- course work

- Scramblendar

- Current NHL Power Rankings from Different Websites

- Is there an extension to bookmark a gutter position in Brackets?

- 4 1/2 years ago I started commuting to work. Today I passed 25000kms in total kms travelled. I track all my kms in a spreadsheet to give myself goals.

- 2019 Christmas

- easy piano songs

- Cute unicorn

- mir is a rising star of the CIS CS:GO scene. I think shortly he can join a stronger team even from Europe, given the fact that he regularly plays on the FPL and communicates well in English. What are your guesses guys?

- Computer shortcut keys


- This height conversion chart forgot 410 and 411

- Fallout 4 Funny

- Top 15 teams in the world with best balance from transfers of this decade

- Gender prediction chart

- Premier League 2017/18 Payments to Clubs

- I like days like today, I cant eat anymore. Staying under 1200 use to be really hard. Any tips to lower my sugar intake? Also, thank you guys.

- teaching strategies gold

- Lakers, Suns and Clippers at top of the standings and GSW in second to last place like we all predicted

- Compound is the New King of DeFi! 🥇

- Does nap mean directional print in this context?

- List of Skillpoints and Trials in every Act

- Why is it so hard for PUBG to catch such blatant hacking?

- Today is Cristiano Ronaldo 33 birthday here is his stats since the beginning

- Nick Nurse goes kinda crazy with starting five tonight against Minnesota… and I kinda like it!

- Clean sheet probability GW5

- budget

- baby maken facts

It’s gonna be one wild week 🛫🔥#kiteboarding #ocean #bostonkitesurfing - @kiteboarding.boston on Instagram

- Vitality and NIP have played each other 10 times this year and will meet next at the first round of EPL s12 group stage

- NASCAR Team standings post-Texas & Kansas

- I found this chart to be very interesting and wanted to share with any fellow calorie counting beer lovers

- Electromagnetic Spectrum

- GW1 Goalscorer Odds

- 5k to 10k

- June 2019 Calendar

- I made a spreadsheet to help me work on my Anima Weapon project, using formulae to calculate poetics per stage.

- Latest YouGov poll shows leaving EU Wrong (47%) and Right (42%). April 3rd 2019.

- Putting money on TJ to win his next 4 seems like a safe bet

- Counting by 2

- Turkish Posters

- We need a server here in North Asia. Minimum latency I have is ~100ms.

- Sports Flyer

- s1mple stats in a 0-2 loss vs BIG

- Healthy Eating Tips

- [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - May 17, 2020 - THE 1975 debut at #1 followed closely by MOSES SUMNEY. THE BETHS, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING, and SHARON VAN ETTEN also have new tracks that debut in the top 20.

- men fashion job


- Batpool started signalling Segwit2x, now we are at 72.4% ! Only BTCC missing to cross 80%

- [OC] Beginners project: Counting the most used words in every George Orwell book.

- The Toronto Raptors have the 5th best active playoff streak in the league. We are gonna be fine, next season.

- Email Subject Lines

- Study History

- A look at Khabib’s last 5 wins vs Dustin Poirier’s last 5

- Places Gained and Lost - 2020 Russian GP

- Sebring Florida

- Clean sheet probability GW2

- OWL Season 2: Top 10 Players - Eliminations vs Deaths Ratio

- Roger Federers Projected Ranking in 2025

- Geometry Interactive Notebook


- Membership Growth in Fantasy Series Sub-Reddits in the Last 6 Months (aka What Book Series is Gaining in Popularity?)

- Math problem solver

- Man Utd 2018/2019 Pre-season Stats

- Free AD

- Fallbrook, California

- Upgrading another drive from 3TB to 6TB. Three more to go!

- Blursed_Mesurement

- Alistair *Kill or be killed* Overeem

- August Calendar

- How to learn hebrew

- Usman vs Burns by the numbers (They did the MMA math)

- Official UFC per round stats of Reyes vs Jones. Round 2 was Reyes strongest round by the numbers, out-striking Jones in EVERY category. Two judges awarded that round to Jones.

- 8mm fans?

- Art Projects with Friends and Family

- YDYD [V0]

- NA Solo FPP. Only 13 real players. Only four real players in the top 10. I killed 14, only one was a real player and posed any threat. The magic is gone.

- Aprendendo inglês

- russian language learning

- good temps for 1 hour on prime 95 with 4 GHZ overclock ?

- Trackman Fitting Results (718, MP18, Epic Pro, iBlade, PXG)

- Party games for ladies

- Clean sheet probability GW6

- Riyad Mahrez season so far

- Baseball workout

- A friend of mine took a -64 hit instead of playing WC, and quit the game. I decided to take over his team and see what I can do. This is proof that you can easily get up in the ranks!

- Top 100 Paid Apps in iTunes Store [OC]

- Bingo patterns

I just shot a 278. 🤯 #archery #beararchery - @k_nabie on Instagram

- AH Trouble in Terrorist Town Stats Updated

- Calendar 2019

My good buds at @vidoolymedia have published a great report on the state of digital video in 2019. 2019 has been the year of the rise of Tiktok and Instagram in India. In my view the numbers clout of tiktok growth has been more than matched by the premium clout of Insta - if you know what I mean. Every brand manager and media buyer wants to know what the Insta number is of a tiktok star and it’s almost an after thought now, what the Facebook followers are (most of the new age stars aren’t using FB - they’re just on Insta and tiktok and maybe snap). So I took the Insta snapshot of the most viewed profiles in the report and dove deeper into REAL engagement. Likes and comments - remember likes are cheap - a quick double tap and move on is the way a lot of millennials and Gen Zs will consume Insta. To stop and comment is the REAL ACID TEST. So ... here’s the list according to the report and the quick deep dive made simple by rankings attached... @mr_faisu_07 @awez_darbar @_aashikabhatia_ - @samirbangara on Instagram

- Calendar 2015

- Its centered to the right...

- r/NFL Power Rankings from Week 1 to Week 17

- Anyone got updated chart with vKA on it?

- We are the highest-seeded team in the playoff now

- TheFineBros have lost 172,000 subscribers in the past 5 days

- NAF’s Insane Event Ratings since joining Renegades and Team Liquid

- New Year- Back on track! (while working in office snacks)

- Periodic table showing the cosmological origin of each element

- Our pre-season so far

- [META] People like stats. Here is how we have grown over the last year! Thanks to all subs and thank you for your professionalism/manners in all postings!

- Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the week beginning August 10th, 2020

- Technology

Here are the leaderboards after day one with the @ujga1984. Back at it again tomorrow! #utahjuniorgolfassosiation #utahgolf #riveroaksgolfcourse - @riveroaksgolfsandy on Instagram

- 8051 Microcontroller Projects

- Conversion rate in Europes top five leagues, min. 10 goals scored

- CPUs

- Spirit has the highest pistol round win rate in 2020 against HLTV.orgs TOP-20 teams. The worst win rate for the team is 40.4% - MIBR. No wonder why the CIS team started to play very well against the tier-1 teams, and the Brazilian five, you know what happened to them.

- Amway Business

- Reverse dieting

- For those playing the fantasy league, here is a table of how many times all teams play each week in NA and EU

- Appearently Epic didnt scale ventures rewards as were asked but added +1m xp, idk if reward xp is increased. Such a tiny amount of powercreep for such a grind.

- Denaries Storm born

- [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - May 31, 2020 - PHOEBE BRIDGERS spends a 2nd week at #1 with I See You. CIGARETTES AFTER SEX has the highest debut, while BRIGHT EYES, THE FLAMING LIPS, ORVILLE PECK, and BOY PABLO also enter in the top 10.

- I predict an early activation. We are at 76.2% signalling. Next 336-block window starting at block 476448 in about 7 hours.

- fractions

- project management templates

- Can I get some appreciation for TEN YEARS (and change) of uninterrupted service? [WD 640 GB]


- Monthly Calendars

- Blood Types

- Tesla captured 48% if all US battery electric vehicle sales in 2017, over 2X more than Chevy, its closest competitor.

- Someone messed up a Covid-19 Excel sheet on European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website and now countries in the American continent are listed as Africa

- We plan out our meals for the month. Here is one weeks worth.

- Traffic During Larry Kosillas AMA

- Do you think these speeds are okay for a 100ft Gig connection?

- NASCAR Team Standings post-New Hampshire

- I made a Fluids Cheat Sheet someone seemed to like. Link for it is in the comments below

- 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Scorecard after Bristol

- Yesterday was a good day!! (All N.A. server)

- One Page Calendar 2020

- Poverty in the Philippines (2015 vs 2018)

- Tutu Size Chart

- The first 28 days of February/March 2014 fall on the same day of week

- 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Scorecard after Richmond

- Southampton loses again, PL table looks good

- Little infographics about Russian letters [corrections in the comments if found]

- 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Scorecard after Talladega

- Camp food

- Two games take up half my whole storage. I know I downloaded the game, but still it annoys me that I have to manage my storage way more frugally just to play my favorite games.

- Marathon training for beginners

- Ordered by terrible number sorting

- NASCAR Team Standings post-Dover doubleheader

- I tested 25 games against the Windows Compact function: 51GB more free space, and all the games run with no performance issues.

- Beaglebone Black

- school schedule

- Ya casi llegamos al primer lugar en muertes, ¡Vamos México!, 1er lugar FTW

- Calendar 2015

- 48 Hours,60 minutes,FBI Files

- Arduino

- Full day 1,147 cals / 62g fiber / 1,284 mg sodium

- Kentucky basketballs perfect regular season.

- Walking

- calendar template

- Antpool, Bixin, and Bitclub started signalling BIP91. Thats 33% of the hashing power!!! Segwit2x is coming

- PSA: This week there will be midweek EFL Cup games. Beware of the risk of making early transfers.

- My calendar is missing the 28th. Instead it says 20 again.

- Working on a conlang, I think Im happy with the numerical system, but any feedback appreciated

- Windows 100% Disk Usage Problem

- Corrected GW1nGW2 goalscorers (corrected for betting margins)

- Chunky Dunk

- gee, I wonder if my account was removed from family.

- OWL Season 2: Top 10 Players - Eliminations

- World Destructors Championship - After Russia

- International mathematical olympiad 2020 - Russia, Italy, Poland and the UK leading in Europe. Link in bio.

- 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Scorecard

- Unai Emerys history rotating fullbacks

- Eu trazendo uma realidade inconveniente. No tiroteio que é o COVID-19, nós estamos cegos, não sabemos que à 2 metros de distância tem um abismo e estamos tendo uma crise existencial com a realidade.

- 2018 GSL Season 3 Ro.32

- [OC] Tracking my push-ups in 2020. My New Year’s resolution, was to do 100 push-ups in one go. It was a slow burn, took over 8 months and 48 attempts to build up my strength and stamina (Age 49)

- And suddenly everyone decided they didnt need things from the supermarket so badly anymore. This the pickup booking page of our local Countdown. Until this week it was booked solid virtually at all times

- The Densest Naturally-Occurring Elements

- What the best Premier League seasons table looks like through 27 matches. 7 points clear of Citys Centurion season

- Range rover 2018

- I admire f0rests motivation and love for the game. With all due respect, s1mple and ZywOo may not even be able to play at the same level in their 32s.

- The Premier League table from when ONeill became Sunderland manager

- Asset management

- Around the kitchen

- I spent 2 minutes doing mental math every day for 50 days in a row. Heres how many problems I was able to do each day in those 2 minutes. [OC]

- @yabosport on Instagram

- [ART] Weekly Shonen Jump Top 20 All Time Rating on MAL and AniList

- Reverse dieting

- Kimi broke the record for classifications yesterday, 255 over Alonsos 254.

- Took Me About A Month And A Half, But I Finished My First 2020 NHL Mock Draft. Feel Free To Hate It.

- NASCAR Team Standings post- Michigans & Daytona RC

- GW28 Goalscorer Odds

- Choppers Champion Trios Cash Cup 9/15 - Regional Participation & Prize Pools

- [OT][Spoiler] MotoGP is having an amazing season, reminiscent of F1s 2012.

- U.S. fatal drunk driving accidents in 2016 by day of week and time [OC]

- Kimi Räikkönen now has driven the longest distance of any f1 driver ever. [37 Laps of 4.655 km lap distance]

- Cisco Networking

- TIL of the 25 players drafted by the Thrashers between 2004-06, Ondrej Pavelec is the third highest scorer.

- Danish Language

- My Japanese Health/PE got the flag of Netherlands wrong (No.6)

- Homestorycup winrates

- I picked up a couple of the $180 WD 12 TB USB drives that were posted here last week. Im using an rpi4 to run badblocks on them and Im getting a higher throughput than I was expecting. What a fantastic little SBC.

- I keep a list of reported cheaters on my desktop with stats like this. They are all still active accounts. Anticheat is nonexistent.

- A table showing the top scorers in each price range

- So these are apparently the new venture rewards.

- [UPDATED] I made a more detailed OWL Standings table ...

Here is a Sneak Peek at the 9th Inning Program Reward Path: Find this ✒️Signature Series Vida Blue in the 🌟150 Star Choice Pack🌟! Available this Friday. Get MLB The Show 20 Today: LINK IN BIO #MLBTheShow20 - @mlbtheshow on Instagram

- Kanji Japanese

- The current TOP-20 players in 2020. Considering that there will be no Major this year, the performance at the IEM Global Challenge 2020 will be a decisive tournament that will determine the top 20 players of this year. In your opinion, who deserves a place in the TOP-20?

- How far weve come. Medal count in 1980 in Lake Placid : 2

- As a ProTos Player, It saddens me to see ZERO Protoss Wins for a WHOLE YEAR

- 2019 GSL Season 1 Ro.32

- Serral is currently on a 22-0 PvZ win streak with 100% win rate over more than 5 months

- What Is Your ... ?

- Confirmed FPL schedule for GW32 to GW35 (@BenCrellin)

- Steam vs Epic Game Store - A slightly more fair comparison (IMO)

- 2018 Final Rushing Yards Descending from Most

- GDP growth rates 2005-2015 in EU (2004 is a base year, source - wikipedia.com)